May 31, 2012

29 faces May

I'm moving the May linky to this post, with all the awesome participants.
It was a great experience!
Now there will be a button on the top, for the new challenge in September 2012. Which eventually will also be moved to a post to have handy for revisiting. (Link will be on my left side bar!) :o)

Last few drops

Yesterday and this morning I had the time to sit and draw. In my case, following close details of a photograph is very hard.
I don't think I was quite successful in the resemblance to the image, but I think it was sort of close :o)
These are my last drops of juice, squeezing the challenge till the last drop!

This was the very last one, but I'm posting it first.
 Don't forget to click after the cut to see more images!

May 30, 2012

Some more faces

Well, technically, I don't think I have 29, but some were worth 2 at least ;o]

Here is one for today. ( I counted my faces and I have 25 total. Click HERE to see the few more that completed 29!)
The new thing I did? I drew in a book! I always use loose paper, this time I used the awesome book I won in the 7 card draw (Thanks Pam!)
I'm always afraid I will run out of room in a book page, and sure enough I ran out of space hahaha But it is ok, I survived :oD

 I have a few more, but will show an image of all of them together:

They are for the workshops I am making! yaay!  I am almost ready.

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn to draw the basics of face drawing without any pressure, this is the class to take. Messy and scared people welcome! :oD

Also another workshop for more advanced artsy people, with some fun painting tips and techniques.

I will upload the blog button soon!

May 29, 2012

ACEO and video

Well, we are coming to a close for the 29 faces challenge..... Are you sad? I am!

This time around things got too crazy and I really didn't paint  more of a complex painting like last time, but I managed to do new things I don't do usually, which is work fast, not stop to think much, just go in a speed, which doesn't give you much time for day dreaming, but at the same time, stops the hand from overdoing. :o)  Plus I painted and drew more men, which I rarely draw either.

Here is the ACEO I made for today:

....and a video!

This is a youtuber named NB with a fun channel, he also started a blog recently HERE in case you want to drop by and visit.

Thanks for stopping by! And I will go around the blogs to say hi and enjoy your art ♥ Just be patient because there's 136 of us!

May 28, 2012

Busy, crazy, and hairy

Well, as for now, I have not much art-time. I have been checking on emails and trying to work on a video, but with the kids out of school and DH home, plus a baby kitty.... seems there's not much chance. Everyone is hungry all the time!

For now while I'm sitting here, I will post a picture of the hairy stinker, so cute!
Later on if youtube lets me, I will post a video I finished.
AND a face I still need to finish & scan for the challenge!

Not sure if I will update this post, or make another separate, but if I'm lucky I will come back.
Update:  OK, so I am back :oP
We decided to tackle a large project, and I mean LARGE. My daughter wanted to draw Benedict Cumberbatch  and this is a WIP picture of it. I brushed on the jacket and she is working on everything else, but I'm claiming this as my face of the day! ha ha

May 27, 2012

ACEO vampire!

Well, inspired by the movie (which was fun to watch) and by Stacy (Who painted the cutest vampire ever HERE)... I made my own interpretation of Barnabas, ACEO size, and giving the peace and love sign :o)

It was fun to make, and it's in my shop, which by the way, I listed several things as was my goal, but a bunch more expired! So I have to work on it some more.

(He was not done in June, but I will add him to the June Guys list as well, just because I rarely draw/paint guys ;o] )

May 26, 2012

Sketch for 29 faces

I'm hurrying again, to make it in time....


As we approach the last days of the 29 faces challenge, I want to invite you all to DO something you have not tried YET. If you paint large, do a tiny face.
If you work on ACEO size, make a large face. If you paint, draw with pencils; if you only sketch, paint a face.... you get the point.
Use materials you have not used, paint on wood... use that paper you have been saving forever...
Crack open your watercolors or pastels.... something that you usually don't do or use, or have not tried yet.

Forget the pressure, just FUN. Dare yourself and GO for it!
This is the best time ♥
As for me, I work slowly and with a bunch of colors, so I made this super FAST sketch with a water soluble pencil.  Just black and white (But I'm sure you will see a color version soon enough!) Not sure how long it took me, but I made a video and it will show. Just be patient because I edit slow :o)

Oh! And by the way! If you made a Donna Summer for this challenge, please let me know so I add it to the slide show I'm making.

Thanks for visiting!

May 25, 2012

Video Part 2 for 29 faces

Here's the second video, if you haven't seen the Part 1, then click HERE to see it first.
I wanted to upload an HD version but took forever and still wouldn't do it, so....  now it is split in 2 and no high definition. I'm just as happy :o)

Subscribe to my channel to be notified when I upload, and rate thumbs up if you want to make me happy ;oD

Now the cute factor, who is ready for dinner? We have tuna and kitty tacos in the menu!


Panzon is giving the welcome sniff to baby kitty, who was left behind days ago, when his momma was moving to another yard. I'm afraid he will be a permanent household guest as well. But who can resist such a face?? Xo)

May 24, 2012

Not quite ready!

I spent ALL day long, off and on, working on a painting and the video for it... right now I'm waiting for youtube to upload, so please come back again to see the update on the video.
For now, This is the image, which will kind of spoil the video, but I'm running out of day for the 29 faces challenge so here I am, posting it anyway! :oD
Make sure you come back to see the video when I update this!

Update:  Here is the video Part 1 finally!
Another Update! Video Part 2 HERE

May 23, 2012

Donna is done

She is finished! I guess like with everything, I could keep going and going, but I think that I will just give her the last coat of varnish. 11 x 15 acrylics and ink on watercolor paper.

For this afternoon, my plan is to work on something with lots of texture. Let's see how that goes!

May 22, 2012

Two faces for today

These are the ACEO with sunflowers for the 7 card draw, finally finished and listed in mky Etsy shop:

Click image to see the listings, and click HERE to see the participants with lots of sunflowers!

May 21, 2012

More Donna in 29 Faces

For hours now, I have been editing videos, so there's very little time for painting, although I am working on painting stuff :o) ... does it make sense?
I am enjoying working on this Donna portrait, she has such a beautiful face, I hope I can do her justice!

This is the latest step...

And this other image is the step before I did some shading and the eyes:

Right now what I'm going to do is finishing my sunflower ACEO for the challenge, before I'm late! See you soon!

May 20, 2012

Sad news and WIP of Donna

Another great voice passes away... Robin Gibb from my beloved BeeGees. I am very sad :o(
 For his family and particularly for Barry, who loses a third brother. My heart goes to him he always has been such a family guy, and well, now definitely won't be BGs getting together to sing again.

Well, this was a busy weekend for me, we went to the Maker fair up north by San Francisco, had fun, got a sun burn (that was not fun at all, I am in pain!) then today the kids were all excited with the eclipse so they spend the time getting ready to go to the park and witness it with camera tripod and telescope. They had fun.

So, at the end of the day, I did very little to my Donna, and feel sad for missing Robin Gibbs.

I love their music so much! I went to youtube to look for music of them, even songs from before I was even born, and I can say I love them ALL!
Here's a video from the BGs, enjoy! (Really, I can't get enough of them...)

May 18, 2012

Day 18 of 29 faces

Today my DH is home, and the kids are out of school early, that means all plans come to an abrupt halt lol
I did this little step on my Donna for today:

I'm itching to add color and work on the eyes!!
Have a great weekend ♥

May 17, 2012

Face 17 Donna's sketch

Probably you heard of the passing of Donna Summer. :o(
Who hasn't danced or hummed at one of her songs, even if they were only babies when she was the disco queen?
Well, today I invited anyone from the 29 faces challenge in FB to make an interpretation of her face. I invite everyone that would like to draw or paint her portrait. I am basing my sketch in a couple of photographs found online (couldn't see who is the author).

   *If you are making a Donna Summer portrait let me know! I want to make a slideshow when we are all done

This is a sketch and I will be working on it for a few days, posting the WIPs pictures:

And I will leave you with music to dance:

May 16, 2012

ACEO WIP for face 16 of 29 faces

Pencil sketch.... ink with Micron... scan and run!
This little sunflower girl is for an ACEO challenge, I will post her when she is ready.

I have been editing for hours the video for an upcoming workshop. So exiting!
Some of it will be freebies and some for an actual how-to class....
About what? Faces of course!

And did I mention I will have a giveaway for it? \(ツ♥)/

In other news, I added a Linky-Follow widget for those that are not in blogspot but want to follow this blog.  Check it on the left bar of my blog or the image below:

By-bye for now, are you enjoying the face-marathon? I have people asking me when we do another one! whew.... Maybe after a couple of months! ♥

May 15, 2012

Another late face!

Today I did spend time painting, and working on video editing, yaay!
OK, this is a quick post to make it before midnight! Work in progress:


Sweet dreams! (Or good morning, whatever time it is when you read this!) <3

Update: I just added a Linky Follow Widget,  for those who want to join my blog but are not in blogspot (by now you know they changed their system in a way that the blogger widget doesn't let you follow if you use other blog site) So... just add yourself and will get the updates!

May 14, 2012

Monday face #14, a sketch

My plan for today was going to be: paint all they long. Make my Monday a nice day.
What actually happened was: morning emergency dentist visit that lasted hours, just enough to go running late to pick up my younger one and go to music lesson; right after that another semi-emergency trip to doctor for a small toe fixing for my other kid. It was 6:21 pm when I got home starving and had not touched my paints at all.... good grief.

After dinner and relaxing a bit, I made this sketch.

Now I'm posting it and going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be more quiet.
Thanks for visiting!

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day!

I know it is celebrated in other countries in other day, but just the same, give your mama a big hug.Have a wonderful day!

May 12, 2012

Barely made 12!

I had so many things to do today! Was a busy day. My son had his senior prom and we went with a bunch of his friends to a park with a new lake the city made, and took pictures. Can't believe he is graduating already.
Well, so, I just had time to play with some filters...

May 11, 2012

11 of 29 faces

I made a pencil sketch and played with the filters. This is the result:

So many people have told me they can't make a face, many let me know they wanted to participate in the challenge but didn't know how to make a face.... or they don't like the kind of portrait they can manage... I am preparing some easy workshops to show how.

I actually have been experimenting with the camera and editing  since that time I was invited to make a class. I am still trying  to make an easier class for people that really have not made a face before but want to learn.

What I have made so far is for people that know from little to advanced, but I want to work on one that will be for beginners as well.
Once I'm ready, expect a giveaway! :o]

May 10, 2012

Face 10, a more Mona Mona

So, I decided to make another little MonaLisa. The one from yesterday was missing something. This one is a little "older" too.

I kept the colors as much neutral as I could, but you know me... I had to make them more playful ;o)     I actually made a couple of other pieces but no time to scan right now.

Check all the awesome work of the "29 faces in May" tab, top right. Over 100 artist doing portraits!

May 9, 2012

Face 9 of 29 and a bunch more

 By now you probably heard they found a second Monalisa, a few months ago.... the colors are more vivid, basically the same lady.
But, did you know they found a third Mona??? Yes! The only difference is that this one is tiny. It was found in my art table ho ho ho

This is the sketch from yesterday... but somehow doesn't look Mona Lisa enough.
Will have to do something about that. :o)

 Check for more faces after the brake!

May 8, 2012

Face 8 of 29, and news

First the news! I won this month's 7 draw contest! yaay! I'm so happy! look HERE
Thanks Pam from Always Artistic to organize such a fun blog inspiration!

As for the face for the challenge, I have a preliminary pencil sketch. I probably will have time to work on it more tonight, but today was a busy day and right at this moment I have full house and came to hide in the computer for a while heheheh ;o)

If I can, I will update this post later, but if not, then I will come back tomorrow with  the next steps of this. Can you tell who she is? Very famous for her mysterious smile.

Well, my representation is a lot younger :oD
Thanks for visiting!

May 7, 2012

Face 7, a witch!

This is a little witch that is going to fly to the post office tomorrow morning, no broom needed!


I actually stopped working on the other piece I intended to do today, to finish this rosy cheeked little girl, so I will show you tomorrow what's on my table :o)

May 6, 2012

Captcha and face 6

Please, please, pleeeeze turn off the "captcha"! It is not reader friendly, and in many blogs  -not all-  it shows behind a window that we have to go and find the up and down bar to show the verification words.... ugh!  (^L_^ )

                                 --If anyone needs help to turn that off click HERE

Now, for the face #6 of the challenge! She is finished today.... ta-daaaa!

I am going to start working on a little bigger size, even if I don't finish the whole thing in one day..... Are you all having fun? I am! ♥

May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Face #5

For all the time I spent with my artwork yesterday... I didn't have much time today to do a face, hardly!
I drove the kids all over town, was not around to sit and do something, and on top of that, I didn't have a pencil in my purse!
I hate leaving the house without a pen or pencil... or without a book. If I have to be idling waiting for something I either draw or read.
But anyway, here is what I have: A half baked ACEO lol
She will be finished tomorrow, since I have to go out again shortly.

I hope you guys had a nice Saturday, and celebrated the Cinco de Mayo, good excuse for a Margarita I guess :oD
Today, would've been my adored father in law's birthday. He was the best FIL anyone could ever had. Loving, kind and fun to be around. We miss him dearly every day.

May 4, 2012

Day 4 of 29 faces

Oh my goodness... I have been so busy visiting blogs that I almost forgot to post my own face!!!
I spent HOURS working on this lady. Loved every moment of it! I just wish I had taken the camera to make a video, but well, it will be next time!

Collage, inks, acrylics, charcoal. The size is 8x10 inches. Title "it is time to go"

Thanks for visiting! I am an fascinated visiting all the beautiful work from all the participants of the challenge!

May 3, 2012

Day 3 of 29 faces

This is my face #3, "Loves me, loves me not..."


This is so much fun! We are well over 130 participants by now! Between the ones in the Linky, and the ones in FB, (some are in both, and I had no time to sit and count for sure how many!)
But it is like a party every day, so exciting! So much enthusiasm! 

Just a quick reminder to turn off the "captcha" verification words, they have a bug and make the words go behind a window! Makes it really hard to post, specially if you have a bunch to go visit. We can always moderatew the comments and make our blog more reader-friendly ♥ 
Instructions in the Linky (29 faces tab)

The giveaway is in the mail, along with the gift for friend #500.I'm happy.
OK, now I will visit blogs!

May 2, 2012

Day 2 of 29 and video

This is my face #2
I will be trying to post the how-it-was-done video tomorrow... for some reason youtube is taking forever to upload! Maybe I will try lower video quality and see if that helps.

And a video on the how I made the last one, enjoy!

See you tomorrow, keep those paintbrushes wet!
....and your pencils sharpened! :oD

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May 1, 2012

Giveaway winner!

Instead of "almost 500" this Giveaway 's name is changed to "over 500 thank yousss"...

Thank you so very much for participating!

I checked who was number 500, she is: Giggles. So in honor of such a lucky number, I will give her a surprise in the mail. I will contact you soon Giggles! And nice to meet you!

Now, the winner of the Happy Frans painting iiiisssss......

Check the video! buaHaHaHaHa suspense,  suspense!!

I hope you had fun, thanks for watching and see you tomorrow with day #2 of the challenge!

Day 1 of 29 faces, and News

Sorry to stuff so many things in one post but I was too excited to let the chance pass....
Or maybe I should make them separate posts?? well, who knows, here I go:
(The winner of the giveaway will be in a different post!

First, here is my face #1 for the 29 faces challenge. An ACEO: (check for a video on her making, tomorrow!)

 Now the news:
If you have read my blog before, you probably know I am participating in an art exhibit, in Moss Norway, organized by David Sandum for the women and children center (which had a budget cut) So far, 75 artworks (postcard size) have been sold, that is great!
Sarah Wiske made a nice video with tons of images see it HERE
And this is a screen shot of one of the pieces I sent:

 This is the one i had mentioned I had not taken a last scan before shipping, so I'm happy to see it like this :o)   For more pictures click HERE

Here's a photo of the gallery wall:

See you tomorrow! Hope you are enjoying the challenge,either by participating or by cheering up the work of the artists playing.... so much to see!
So exciting!