October 26, 2012

How was your week so far?

Well, the days are just too fast but I'm not having fun, so i don't understand why five... what, six days went whooooshh! past me...
Anyway, my DH is better, I have been able to sleep a little bit more, and finally the video I mentioned weeks ago is finally done, I had problems with the editing, somehow the music didn't want to cooperate with me until I did it the 4th time; also I have been filming for another class. I would cross my fingers for it to be ready fast, but then how would I keep working, right? :oB

I hope you are not too cold where you are, we just started to get some cool breeze and cold nights, but nothing compared to more to the north.
Have a great weekend!

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October 18, 2012

Halloween stuff

I listed some Halloween goodies in my new shop, and in ebay
 ACEOs....(Be the first one leaving me feedback?)

The mask I posted about earlier is in ebay:

 This little guy is Wendell, he lives in a tiny gourd:

I will be listing more Art in my Etsy shop. Wish me luck! ♥

And plenty of all kinds of orange hues ... for Mandarin Orange Monday

October 16, 2012

We have 2 winners!

Here is the video of the "almost 600 giveaway" I didn't want to post without a video, and the site was too slow, I had to start again today. All is good.
Thank you ALL for participating, for visiting, for making my little blog a place I love.
I really hope you find something inspiring that will inspire you to create and have fun.

Maybe it is a good time to suggest ways of searching in the blog (and make you wait a bit more for the winners result... hehehe)

tip: I have buttons to click on the top menu, there's also random older posts on the left side bar, and there is the label cloud, also on the side bar, with a bunch of tags and labels you can click to see all the older postings.

And now... Ta Daaaa... the video!

Thanks for visiting! ♥

October 14, 2012

FaceBook note, and art

For some of those in facebook, you probably noticed a new little link that invites you to promote. Not everyone is seeing it yet, but I'm sure it is a matter of time.
When it is a business page, well, that might be ok, but for a personal page? I don't think it is right, specially when they will charge you about 6.00 dollars just to let your own readers see your post. More about it HERE
In any case, if you want to keep seeing my FB page, do the following:

To keep on RECEIVING POSTS you have to OPEN THE PAGE, hover the mo
use on the "Like" button near the gear symbol. In the pop-up select "ADD TO THE INTEREST LISTS".

So, "Like" the pages you want, then do step 1 and 2.

 Doing so will assure that you continue getting posts from ALL pages you love. Hopefully I will be on your list  (

Now, the art part of this post: These are the sample hair I made, to see what I'd like best for this particular page. I'm going with the pink so far.

 Thanks for visiting!

October 13, 2012


I am so happy the past week is over. First we had bunch of birthdays, one of them mine on the 9th, which I spent busy doing a surprise party for my daughter, and I was a bit sentimental because I miss my family. Then right after it was my DH's birthday as well, and right after that, a surgery he needed. He is fine, but it was a stressing week. I felt completely spread thin and splattered in a bunch of directions, like mercury.
So right now I'm regrouping my emotions, my creativity time, my goals. I am so behind so many things aghhh!

I have been missing my blog, was not planning on skipping so many days! But I have been checking on FB here and there when I can come to my desk. No, I don't want the internet in a cellphone and spend more time online! :o3

Thank you so very much to all the good wishes I got for my cake-day, you guys rock!! ♥
I'm sharing this yummy teramisu with you all:

Don't forget to click HERE to post and participate in the giveaway! One winner for the US, and one winner for an international participant ♥ The 15th of October is the last day!

October 8, 2012


I am re-posting an image, from the WIP of the art that is for an international winner of my "almost 600 followers giveaway" which, we are 3 more over by now, thanks! Don't forget to click and post there, to play)
... And welcome to my blog all new readers! Feel free to ask questions, make comments and click all over the links and older posts.

So, the reason for the post is "orange" which is about this awesome blog I was invited to participate in, for Mondays. I do love the orange color, it is one of those hard to place, but oh-so-happy when you see it in art!
I use it often. As under painting like this case, or as a background, or in details.

Visit the MoM Mandarin Orange Monday blog and have fun too! (Greetings to all my Australian friends!)

October 7, 2012

Trip to the Museum

Don't forget to visit HERE to participate in my giveaway!

We spend a wonderful day yesterday, visiting the Getty Museum, a couple of hours drive from our town. It is such a beautiful place! First thing I wanted to do, was to see one of my favorite paintings:
This was a happy day for Vincent, I think

 In previous visits, it had been too windy so we never really spend time in the gardens, but this time we had perfect weather and we enjoyed all the colors out there too.

Their exhibit for this fall is The Art of Devotion, from the middle ages:

 Don't forget to click after the cut to see more photos of exhibit!

October 4, 2012

October news and Giveaway!

I spent tons of hours the last couple of days, opening a new Etsy shop, and listing dolls and ACEO. That is just part of what I had mentioned days ago.
I do not know if it is crazy to separate everything, instead of keeping it in the same shop.... but people keep saying not to mix different art (And some go as far as not to mix styles or different mediums... I am not to go there, forget it! :oP)

So, all my little art and tiny dolls have a new nest. Called ACEOandArtDolls. Can't be more specific than that (✿◠‿◠)   Click HERE to see and wish me luck :o)

And now for the Giveaway!
Update: Winners HERE 
  The "almost 600" giveaway... so exciting!

These are original paintings, acrylics and medium, lots of texture and layers, on heavy watercolor paper.

For my US friends 11.5x9 inches :

For other countries I have this (All countries can play!): 11.5x9 inches

If you want to play to win one of them, you can:

-Post here and tell me to add you, here in THIS post.
Additionally, if you want...
-Share in FB and come to post you did
-Share in twitter, come and post here
-Share in your blog with the button, or just a post;

..if you like something you see, follow my FB PAGE or my YT CHANNEL
But ONLY if you like it, you don't have to! :o)

-Post or share in any other network you like, and that will be another entry to win!
 So that is a bunch of chances to have your name drawn, increasing the chances.
If there is a lot of people participating, I will add more art to giveaway.

I will randomly select a US winner and an international winner on the 15th of October.
Make sure there is a way for me to contact you! Private profiles won't allow me a way to notify winners.
And more close-ups of the art HERE

Close ups for Giveaway

Here are some fun close-up of one of the giveaway's paintings. They look like cool abstract work, hey?

Click HERE to see the giveaway post and participate. Open till October 15th
Any comments in this post are not entries But I appreciate them anyway :o)