August 31, 2013

Good bye August

I can't believe we are saying good bye to August :o( We still have plenty of summer in this area of California, so the weather is not an issue, although I really could use a cool day about now! We are still in the 100s even if they "anticipate" and "predict" 96, (ఠ_ఠ) which isn't any better!
Anyway, if you are having seasonal weather changes, enjoy them. Take pictures, they are always great reference for paintings and journal pages later on ♥

I am working slowly on this 4x6. It is quite moody I should say. Darker colors, and gold that is always fun and difficult to photograph:

 Remember we start the 29 faces challenge tomorrow! (Pacific time..! I know some of you are already in Tomorrow!
Don't cheat and show only old work! lol half-done faces are fine, any size, material and level is fine too. The important thing is to dare to try at least one new thing, new materials or something that you are nervous or stress to try. You will not be alone! (•‿-)

Grab the button for your blog, if you haven't yet! I am making this post to start my Label link and start from here. See you soon!

August 27, 2013

Winners! And news

Here are the winners of my August giveaway!

Thank you all for participating, ♥ and keep a close eye for the next one in a few more months. I will contact the winners to get the address and mail the 2 paintings, plus enter the name for the class :oD

Also, these are the last FITW II of the season:


One in Left started by Stacy, going to Shelle. The other to the Right started by Cheryl and then Joy's home. She will be a Picasso-ish... I have my imagination going already!
I wish we could keep playing, but 29 faces challenge is around the corner and that is a lot of fun, but never not enough time!
Thanks for visiting!

August 24, 2013

Wuthering Heights

Another of the FITW II pieces:
Sandra did this fantastic finishing touch with the quote from Wuthering Heights:


Ilona made the background and I drew the lady with flowing hair...

 Now a video to remember the movie, the song and the quote:


August 23, 2013

News and bunch of Wips

I won a fun e-class giveaway from Sarah Leonard it was very positive and nice to read and follow. The good part is that I already do many of the things she recommends so I guess I am not too lost, thanks Sarah! :oD

The following are more FITW II paintings that I helped finishing. This is how I finished it, it was started by Sandra, worked by Ilona and then myself. Click after the page brake to see more pictures!

August 21, 2013

Third stop! FITW II

My starting pieces for Face In The World II are all dolled up!  This is how they were last time HERE
Look at them now:
Thanks Sandra, Ilona, Milo, Dawn, Malissa!
(Australia, Germany, California, England and NY!)

Aren't they pretty? I love them all! I have to confess one thing though... The last one was a bit pale to me, so I couldn't  leave it alone :oP

I added color to her skin and hair: (My scanner is going bananas, the background is more like apricot yellow than lemon!)

Thanks for visiting!
There's still time to be part of my giveaway HERE Ends on the 26th of August.
Share the post, get the anniversary button, and you can get my painting (not a print).
Thanks for helping me spread the word ♥

August 19, 2013

More portraits...


I can't believe that summer vacation is over. It is never a vacation for the mom, I grant you that... it feels like a lot more work some days! I sent my younger one to start her junior year today. My son starts his sophomore college year in a couple of weeks. Maybe then I can catch up with things.
This is one more page in my little journal, in steps:



Typically my faces are smiling... This one was a bit sad, frumpy and tired. I guess it's how I'm feeling? lol At the end and with more color and highlights, she looks better. Her hair is hilarious!  :o)

Now that I have more available creative time, I will finish editing some videos.
Don't forget to check my "8 years blogging" Giveaway HERE, there's still chance to win, grab the blog button in the bar! I close on August 26th Pacific time.

August 15, 2013

Video - Art Journaling page

Here's the video I finished recently. Oh! Click HERE to participate in my blog Giveaway!
(Winners will be selected in August 26th)

And this is an art journaling page I am working on now:

Plus.... The 29 faces challenge is coming up in September! Pass the word, the more the merrier! Blog button in the making, I will publish it soon ♥

August 11, 2013

8 years of blah-blah!

Hey guys! Celebrate with me my 8th blog anniversary!
I am having a giveaway ♥ Share and win and get a virtual hug from me ♥
I am very happy to have met so many wonderful and cool artsy people while blogging and doing what I love: painting, blogging, creating and doing challenges.

What to do: leave a comment *only* if you want to be in the giveaway!
*Grab the cupcake image, make a blog post linking back here and come leave a comment in my post: (Link:
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Do not leave your full email in a comment, I will not publish those, for your safety.

You can win:

*Big Modigliani17x14 repro I painted  (US only due to mailing issues):

*5x7 Frida painting (International participants):

*One spot in my Basic face class! US and International participants (*Only for those that have not taken it, if winner has taken it, then gift is one random ACEO made by me)

3 Winners will be randomly  selected on August 26th If I can't find the winner within a week, I will select another winner, make sure there's a way -that is not google+, for me to contact you! ♥ (Last time it took me a year!)

 Thanks for being here, many blessings and share, share, share! 
 ٩(◠◡◠)۶  Good luck!

August 9, 2013

FITW II Team 7

After getting this beauty in my mail box, I had to stop for a couple of days to think on what to do, she looked very much finished! So after a while, the idea of collage came up and I decided to add a crown and polka dot paper for her top, with a fun turquoise background.
What do you think? Isn't she cute?

 It was started by Milo and then by Dawn, this is how she looked like when I got it:

This way of collaborate is not only fun, but also makes us get out of the comfort zone and see new ideas, try new things and dare!
Click on my tags in this post to see more FITW images!

August 8, 2013

Journal page

I am currently, slowly, working on an art journal page video. As usual, I have several things going on so it goes slower than planned. My ADD is crashing with my OCD resulting in an OMG mixed with a WTF...  I now I have to type "LOL" because it is 3 letters too  :oB

So anyway, here's my WIP (hey, another 3 letter thingie!)

Though for the day: if life gives you melons, you are dyslexic. You should be getting some lemons soon. {◔_◔}

August 3, 2013

Can't stop this feeling anymore...

I have that song stuck in my head now lol...
There are some things in life that are hard to stop, like falling in love, eating chocolate.... or creating Gelli prints. Once I start, it's hard to stop!

Gelli rints by Ayala Art

August 2, 2013

Is your blogger profile gone?

Many have noticed that their blogger profile is gone after they joined Google+. Some of us got out, but some people like it here an wish they could still have their old profile like before.
Well, guess what? It can be done!
You have to go to your dashboard, and see the top right icon like a tool gear? Click on it and it will give you a menu. From there select "Revert to Blogger Profile".
The it will tell you if you do it, you will remove the "About to" in Google+.
If you really enjoy the site, leave it as that. If you don't care because the "limited" blogger profile suits you better.... then click to switch.

That will make it just as it was before, and still be in the G+ network.
I personally did not like either, but I also understand many people do like it. Many want to enjoy both worlds and this, I think, is a happy compromise :o)

If you want to go one step further, you can then click "Edit profile" and add your email, so people can email you directly. But that is up to each person, I do not have it showing in my profile.

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August 1, 2013

Second stop...

I am SO thrilled to show you all the second stop in the traveling of my pieces, Remember my starting paintings HERE?

Well, this is what Sandra painted on my Team 6:

This is what Milo added to my team 7:

And the one Ilona was working on, for my Team 8:

Now they will go to the next person in the team, and since this time around we are 3 per group, that'd be the last stop, then they will be back home all gorgeous. ♥

And keep an eye on my blog! My 8-year-blogging giveaway is coming soon!
Check back tomorrow.
Linking to PPF and Paper Saturdays