July 31, 2011

One done, one still in the making

I finally scanned this recent work. This is a 6x4 mixed media on bristol board. I'm inclined to call it "Not as lonely" because he has his little cricket in the hand. (update: I listed it HERE )

And here's soem detail of the texture, I'm very happy with it.

I'd like to hear any comments on it. Hope you have a very nice day!
P.S. I hope I can finish and scan my "IF" piece so I can enter it in the IF blog! The word is "obsession" and I want to enter a Frida ACEO for it (my obsession and her obsessions!) [•._,•]

July 30, 2011

Little how-to picture tutorial

Hi there. A friend needed to see how to post a video in the blog, and I made this little how-to images and decided to share with all, in case anyone needs it.
Here you go: (Click to enlarge image)

Second step:

Are the instructions clear? Let me know!

July 21, 2011

Cleaning, reorganizing (again!) and letting go

You would think that by having the kids (and their errands) out of school, one would have more time to do art. But is not the case. Never is. My schedule (and household) is messed up, crazy and upside down. I know I am not the only one so guess find comfort in numbers right?  I like to box, to put behind doors and inside drawers etc all the stuff in neat little groups.
Well, everything is poured everywhere. 3 people against me LOL (I won't even mention the pets. They are a whole other post altogether....)

So, in my effort to be able to control chaos and claim back some territory, have been reorganizing at least MY stuff. Well, I already went through their closets to donate all the clothing and gadgets they are not able or willing to use again. ☺

Now, slowly, I am listing crafty goodies HERE starting all at 99 cents. Call it separation anxiety, but I just can't go and take artsy/craftsy items in a box to be left abandoned at the donation center. I have to see that it goes to someone that really wants it and ship it to them. ♥

You can expect to see paper goods, cloth, yarn, polymer, wood, even fur and feathers! Heck I'm ready to put the dog and the cat there too LOL
I will list older work as well, so keep an eye and wish me luck!

Last night we were still at 93F / 33C hot weather at 9 PM, goodness gracious. How's your summer going so far?

July 18, 2011


We celebrated today 19 years together. 19 interesting, full, wonderful years together. I thank God everyday for letting me share my life with this man with all the ups and downs. It takes a brave guy to eat what I cook for all this time, and sharing the kitchen (and every other room) with art projects and crafty junk in every corner ♥

 Time sure goes fast ☺

July 15, 2011

Results of Giveaway!

I decided to have 2 winners... here are the results:

Took me all day to make this video, between one thing and the next, but it is still the 15th as promised! ['._,']
Thanks for participating! 
P.S. I do not like to hear my voice on a video!

July 14, 2011

Owies and news

This past week  I hurt  my right thumb when trying to smash a spider between a book and the ceiling. °u° Stoopid, I know. Then my left index nail was bent backwards when I was scratching something sticky. Ouch.

So far I was able to type a few words in twitter or FB. But I'm better now

On to the news! It's easier to swing a paint brush than typing so I've been painting. I am very close to finish this piece and I better hurry, because this painting is going to the "Trees for life" exhibition in Scotland! yaay! I am donating this 6x9 (16 x 23 cm), plus 3 smaller ones for a fundraising where 100% of the sales go to the award winning Scottish charity Trees for Life. If you want more info click HERE


July 8, 2011

ACEO Giveaway!

Hey there! I have a cool giveaway: 14 ACEO from 13 different artists for ONE lucky winner!
One of them is mine, others were collected,  traded, many were purchased for the last few years, they are in perfect condition.
I can't post a picture of each because of copyright respect, but I can tell you all are just like painted yesterday.

There are all kinds of subjects: mermaids, birds, bears, flowers, portraits...The materials are very varied too:  wood, clay,  paper, canvas... some are collaged, others are painted or even sculpted. Oh! One of them is a blank canvas so you can make your own ACEO :oD

To participate and win them, all you have to do is post a comment here, also and if you share it on facebook or your blog, come and post to tell me and that's an extra entry.

Anybody from any country can play, just come and have fun! On the 15th of July I will randomly select a winner, if there's many entrances, I will add items for more chances to win something! (If there are just few, chances of winning increase of course)

C'mon, start posting to win!
Closed on the 15th with 2 winners.

July 6, 2011

Random fun pictures

Here in my family we love to go in short trips whenever we can. And we all love to take pictures. My son is awesome to catch cloud forms and trees. My daughter takes amazing close ups in unusual angles. They have not takes any class, that's the way they are. My husband likes to take pictures of people when they are not looking, so he has a large collection of me, looking goofy. I have to remind him, I don't need any help top do that :o}
 I, in the other hand, am the one that centers everything and make straight angles. I hate that LOL And I'm the one that took a class ok?  So yes, you will get a picture from me, but it's not going to be dramatic, unless of course it's a picture of someone falling or something.
No... scratch that. I would have to center the fall and there's not time for that. LOL My thing is stills I guess  :oP I have been working actively to get away from centering.
Well anyway, here are some fun pictures of textures and other stuff. I hope you like them :o)

Heart on black top road
Click to see larger

July 5, 2011

Painting and traveling

Here are the pictures I mentioned before. I was not around enough to sit and post them -
I hope everybody had a fun and safe 4th of July.
We went to Las Vegas for the weekend. It was 117 hot! (47 C) Made our weather here of 97 feel like spring! I don't think I'm going back any time soon... lol

So, paintings! Here we go:
Starting with a canvas, adding texture and a coat of black acrylic paint. I added blobs of color and since I love paintings faces, I started to delineate eyes, nose and mouth:

This is the fist time I use a "brake" in a post... just click to keep reading :o)