December 12, 2006

Visiting family

We had the best time in TX. We visited some of my family and my mom.
I have a really big family, so if I say I saw only 13 family members, I have to say that it was not even one third of it.

Just in my dad's side there's 9 sibilings, spouses and each of them has 3 kids. In my mom's side there's 7 of them, with their children, plus some of my cousins have children of their own.

Anyway, I had a great time. I had not seen my brother in a long while. I only have one brother, but he makes up for half of the planet. I adore him. We always call each other and email all the time, but is not the same to bug him in the distance hee hee hee

We took tons of pictures, we all went in the river walk, the boat, the Alamo the whole thing.... I had not been in San Antonio for about 9 years, so it was fun to visit again. We wanted to go to Frederiksburgh too, but it was raining that day and decided not to.
I still want to go and check out all the artsy shops there!

Today is the Dia de la virgen de Guadalupe day. Many native Indian groups go dancing from their far away towns all the way to the Basilica in a days long march. It is a big celebration down in Mexico. I remember one time when I was little, I saw this lonely indian, all dressed up with bells and feathers, dancing and bouncing down my block. He was lost, there was no church near my house, but he never stopped dancing. Now that is dedication and faith.

I started to sketch some Madonna/Virgin art cards in 4x4 size. I can see the colors in my mind and I'm adding very native looking icons. Let's see how they turn out. :oD

November 28, 2006

Thanks giving

Well. I guess I'm still thankful, and I really had a lot of good things to thank for this year, but MAN... what a stressing Thanks Giving day!
Let me start from the beginning:
My sister in law and I decided we were not going to spend the whole day in the kitchen so we both agreed to order and bring something already done, and some extra easy-to-put-together stuff, salad, pie, etc
We always spend the day at my MIL but she is not able to cook anymore, so we had our plan all set and ready to go.
We have to drive 3 and a half hours to get there so I ordered everything ahead of time, just to be picked up hot and run.
Yeah right....

I got there to this unmentionable place, to pick up my fancy precooked and WARM dinner.
What do I get? A frozen turkey!! Everything was frozen!

I panicked, almost fainted and suffocated, let my husband deal with the store guys.

He came back with all the boxes and stuff, and an explanation of why things were like that etc....
He had to pay extra 5 dollars for a "bigger and not frozen" turkey.

OK, Alright... we'll heat it up when we get there.
I took a precooked ham just in case, and before we arrived to my MIL's house, I stopped to get some Pollo Loco's tamales for the kids, so they would not starve.

We took our sweet time chatting, deciding what to warm up first etc. It was time to warm up the turkey and the ham.
Then, my sister in law tells us with this strange face "Your turkey is bleeding"

What a joke, right? No... the darn turkey was raw!

At that time I was not sure if I was going to be mad or just start laughing hysterically.
I opted for the laughing.
It was so funny! There we are, with a humongous raw turkey, past noon, and everyone getting hungry. OMG I don't remember when I laughed so hard.

We put the turkey back in the bag, heat up the ham that was *really* precooked Thank God! and meanwhile, the kids ate chicken tamales and pizza.

After dinner, and thanking of the laughter, we still had a huge raw turkey and all of us had 3 hours + to drive back home.
We gave it to a neighbor. I told her it was so raw, she could almost keep it for a pet.

Good thing it's only once a year!

October 17, 2006

October again...

Around here, October is a very busy time of the year. Almost everybody has their birthday in the same month! Kids, parents, grand parents, husband, friends... me!
Great opportunity to eat cake every day LOL

September 18, 2006

Is fall really around the corner?

So what I have been up to lately?
I participated in a local art show. Had my kids' first communions with their respective run-like-crazy-find-the-right-outfit-get-the-party-ready-and-buy-a-pinata rush. Had family visiting from out of the country (too short time though). Managed to hurt a foot so bad, I couldn't do anything but complain for months (poor husband). Spent a fortune on doctors and tests (really poor husband). Took the kids to 194 different kinds of summer lessons (maybe not quite so many, but my foot gave me a different feeling). Got the children's school supplies, got them ready for school and, after a big *sigh* I finally felt a need to draw/paint/create again.
And now they tell me summer is almost gone and fall is coming???

What the heck happened to my summer!?
And more importantly: What the heck happened to my summer!? Oh, never mind. I'm I repeating myself again? ;oD

March 12, 2006

Lost in space

I lost my password, so I didn't post for a while in this blog. :oP
Silly me ;o)

.... Well, I have been painting, working on the never-ending project of our master bathroom, and also making some dolls. I am loving the dolls!

OH! We also have a new puppy (they should call them poopies!) So I have been busy potty training her.
MmMmmm I wonder if it is called potty training when you are actually training them to go on a news paper?
It's been cold for her to go outside, she is only 2 months old, and also a Chihuahua, I don't really want her to freeze out there.

Anyway, her name is Cookie, and her last name is Crumb. Although, if she keeps eating this way we will have to call her "Cocoa puff" hehehehe

They said it was going to snow today here in California, but in my area rained for a while, then a little of hail and that was it. Pretty cold, but no snow.

I listed a few Art Cards (aceo) tonight:
calla Lilly hat  Clouds    Windy

And if I have some time tomorrow night, I'll post some more. Keep an eye over here :o)

I wonder if there is a way to have my friend's links here or a group, like in other blogs...

January 15, 2006

Wow, is it mid January already?

OK, so time is flying. We are already thinking on Valentine's day. I am thinking of the chocolates mostly!! hahaha
I opened a shop this weekend! I am so excited. Everyone is invited to take a peek.
The first costumer will get free shipping *anywhere* in the world.

All this past days I have been running around cutting paper and trying to get some new art cards done. It's so funny, I start painting and pretty soon I have my kids and their friends trying to paint too. It's a wonderful way to keep them entertained and doing something creative!

My son is getting an award for "best artist" in his school. Reminds me of my school days, only that they were not giving kids awards for "that" in those days, but still I was the one girl that would spend all her time drawing.... even in the middle of Science class. :)

Thanks for your time, and Hasta la vista!