October 29, 2008

Sugar rush

Well before Halloween, we all get our daily dose of candy (As if I need it!) Anyway, we have spiders, pumkins and ghosts all over. Soon it will be turkeys, and right after.... snow men. I can't believe it!! And I still don't finish my other fairy lol
Oh well, at least I still have chocolate.
You know, if it wasn't for the " automatic save draft" function of this blog, I'd never post! I keep clikin' in the wrong things and soon I discover I had some old post that never posted. Nice a-blogger I am! ;oD

October 5, 2008

Getting a bit cold?

I know, we are not supposed to complain about cold weather in this part of California, but, it got a bit cold in here. Instead of searing 100's we are now in the 80's, so it is a bit cooler! lol
Anyway, inspired by the weather (or dreaming, more like... we get about 3 molecules of snow every 10 years around here!) I finished finally my little Snow.
I've been working on her (and her little siblings) for a couple of weeks now, I'm very happy with the results.
For her cocoon, I was going to add some beads, but she doesn't need them after all, with that pretty glimerish fabric. So there's just a touch of blue to make her look like a baby ice princess ;oD

October 4, 2008

Is it just me...?

...Or is this the time of year for naughty dolls? I'm telling you in October, they come alive! See my little helper here, made a mess all over the table, but we sure had fun! lol

....What color do you preffer, Snow?

...At this point, Snow was getting a little stressed.

....Nobody is looking, let's have some fun! ... I like red the best.

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