March 21, 2022


More than art, today I want to talk about the children in Ukraine. War is always horrible, but when it ends up hurting children directly, is even worse.
This blog is not about politics at all, but I like helping.

I am participating in this #CreatorsForPeace  event, to help, donate and spread information about helping children via UNICEF. 
If you can, please donate:

As you know if you have been in my blog before, I love painting children.  The main reason being that we all need more innocence in our life, and so, anytime I can help a child, I consider it my duty. 
Our duty, as human beings.

I will continue to paint children, to keep trying to find the sweetness of innocence and the joy of our inner child. Thanks for visiting. May you have a beautiful day. ♥

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