March 12, 2006

Lost in space

I lost my password, so I didn't post for a while in this blog. :oP
Silly me ;o)

.... Well, I have been painting, working on the never-ending project of our master bathroom, and also making some dolls. I am loving the dolls!

OH! We also have a new puppy (they should call them poopies!) So I have been busy potty training her.
MmMmmm I wonder if it is called potty training when you are actually training them to go on a news paper?
It's been cold for her to go outside, she is only 2 months old, and also a Chihuahua, I don't really want her to freeze out there.

Anyway, her name is Cookie, and her last name is Crumb. Although, if she keeps eating this way we will have to call her "Cocoa puff" hehehehe

They said it was going to snow today here in California, but in my area rained for a while, then a little of hail and that was it. Pretty cold, but no snow.

I listed a few Art Cards (aceo) tonight:
calla Lilly hat  Clouds    Windy

And if I have some time tomorrow night, I'll post some more. Keep an eye over here :o)

I wonder if there is a way to have my friend's links here or a group, like in other blogs...