February 18, 2007

Who knows

Things have been pretty slow lately. Even my auctions are slow!
It's funny: when it's hot, people say the market will pick up in winter when people are indoors.
When it's cold, they say the sales are slow when it's cold or the holidays.... then after the holidays and cold, all that is gone, and things are still slow, they blame the nice weather, school time, or whatever! LOL
Me? I think it's just luck.
I have been painting a few larger canvas and started 2 oil portraits. Somehow it feels like it takes forever to dry!
That's one thing I love about acrylics. They just dry so fast you can keep going instantly.
On the other side, sometimes you just need a few more minutes to move around with that paintbrush and by the time you want to mix a bit, the acrylic dried on you. As a painter, you have to be friends with mediums!
I slow my acrylics, and speed up my oils. :o) I sent a few requests to other artists to fill out a short questionnaire for my other art blog, but I guess they are feeling shy. Hardly anyone has sent the thing back for me to post.... Who knows why.

I still like to go around and drool on their auctions or websites. It's so much fun to see art!