June 30, 2013

Last June Guy!

We went to the coast for the weekend, and drove by Paso Robles, where James Dean fatal crash happened. They have a shop and 2 huge billboards and we always drive to late for pictures, but this time I made a point of go there with still daylight and take some photos.
They have the best chocolate and all kinds of nuts there, and water for the road -or coffee, tea and sodas, whatever one might want for the next stop while traveling.

Anyway.... this is my last June Guy of the year!

And here are the photos of the memorial boards:

June 28, 2013

Old posts

After so many years of blogging I have to say, there are plenty of silly posts, but there are some that are worth reposting or updating. 
This is one of them. Updated from HERE

The feeling is still the same.

June 25, 2013

Everybody hurts, sometimes

Everybody hurts, sometimes....
Remember that song? Or..... have you ever heard it? I will post a video at the end just in case, and because I love it.
So my June guy today is the singer of REM, from that video.

Here is the final product: (4x6 index card)

June 24, 2013

Super moon

Did you see the moon last night? So beautiful and big! I could see details and the shadows in there, I wish I could capture it with my camera! But anyway, DH and I went out chasing the moon and took some photos:

 Another photo:

Oh! I have to scan or take a photo of my "Face in the world" painting! It's back and so adorable!

June 23, 2013

Walk around my block

This time I remembered to take my camera...

The magnolias smell wonderful!

Some chatty crows. I couldn't catch them closer:

June 21, 2013

Two guys

These are my guys for the day. I lost count how how many I've made, will have to check on that.
The one in the left was supposed to be David, as in the statue of David. Unfortunately he looks more like a Southamerican teenager. And I won't even bother mentioning who I based my sketch on the right, since he doesn't even resemble one bit to the original... lol

But I had fun sketching them both.They are in a 4x6 card. I have been thinking of working on a large size but with the kids out of school, I have been doing bunch of other things that don't leave much time for sitting on a larger piece for now.
Thanks for visiting!

June 18, 2013

Sherlok for June Guys

It is hard to work on a small size and make it look like what I want.... did I say that already? Well, ok. My next one has to be a large format. Anyway, I had fun making this one guy, which it's supposed to be Sherlock my way ;o)

In other news, the flopsy dove's nest fell on the ground, we were so sad.... but the good thing is that the baby birds were gone already. I have not been able to catch them in their first flight! I would love to. But anyway, the dove was all lonely for a couple of days, like a stone by the fence, then she started to build a new nest, right in the next eave in the patio, here is a picture of her bringing more sticks, so cute!

June 16, 2013

The past few days...

My son brought a kitty he found, so needles to say... we have one more pet. She is the sweetest thing! I thought she was still a baby because she is tiny, but turned out she is about 11 months old, the vet said after checking her teeth. I won't even go into the HUGE vet's bill we got... OMG! Was it because it was a weekend? Or because there were so many things to be done to her to be healthy and safe? Good grief.

Well, expect cute kitty pictures in the future lol  For now here is a funny one:

She is all clean now, didn't even get all upset in the water! She is getting ear drops and some other meds, and in a few weeks she will be fixed, so no more stray kitties, at least from this quarters!

As for art, well, nothing much! We went out of town (my son staid behind baby sitting the kitty) and we had fun, took more pics, had lunch there and the weather was perfect down there, just 2 hrs south from here.

I hope everyone had a nice father's day, not sure if it is celebrated the same weekend in other countries but congrats anyway! :o) my DH got a new comfy  office chair.

Tomorrow I will resume the June Guys and scan more mono prints ♥

June 12, 2013

Three guys

Here are three sketches I made in a 4x6 card. I made them as different of each other as I could think of. Age, expression, features etc

Are you practicing your guy sketches?

And yes, more prints!

I had to adjust this one a bit, because the colors were kind of faint:

4x6 index cards for icad

Tomorrow I will hopefully scan some June Guys. Some summer days, things get hectic around here :oD

June 11, 2013

Our little weekend trip

We went up north to escape the 108F heat (42 Celsius) we were going to have here... just to enjoy the 106 (41 C) we had up there LOL  .....oh well, at least we had fun Antiquing!

Here are some of the pictures I took of collections of stuff. I love old nails, glass doorknobs, etc but I have to say, here in California we don't have many real antiques; my father in law used to say we only had old junk at the local antique stores and I do believe him hahaha
But lets say that we have interesting vintage and some fun antiques (That is of course, if you don't count the imports).

This is a huge bell hidden on a street, the leaves are large so the proportion doesn't show the real size:
More photos under the break line!

June 8, 2013

More gelli

What do you think, should I stop?

hmmm... no, I will keep printing (≧◡≦)
size 4x6 index card mono print for icad   index card a day

June 7, 2013

More prints

Oh how I do love the gelatine prints! I still have to scan a whole bunch of images, as I said some posts ago, I printed a ton ٩(◠◡◠)۶

These are 4x6 index cards with like 20 layers on them.
Links for the Colorful gelli and the index card a day

June 6, 2013

So far not very happy...

I forgot to mention I am working on small size for my June Guys. Index cards to be precise. That in itself means nothing when it is coming from my imagination, but when I want to make a face based on an photo, it is proving to be irritating to put it mildly.
It is easier for me to work on large scale, even just journal size, to make a resemblance of the photos and I love doing that. But....
Yesterday a few male small faces were made and thrown in the trash. I wanted to make a better Javier and he, poor thing, turned out worse each time.

I draw for pleasure and I always say to practice and you get better... but at that very moment there was no pleasure, I was just in the mood to say, toss it! lol (I should've taken a picture of the ones I tossed though... just for fun factor).

So, at this point, a few changes have been made in my mind:
1- This guy is not Javier, and I am OK with it.
2-  I will keep working on index card size, not caring for the results.
3-  Some faces will be larger and not everything has to be "realistic"

With that mental pressure off my head, I will just add:
His nose in real life is crooked to one side and his mouth off center to the other; that is something that makes his face so attractive. Plus his dimples!
Anyway, here is my not-Javier portrait.

....and a video I just uploaded:

Thanks for visiting! I hope your June guys challenge is going fine! Remember, it can be ANY number, we don't have to make one a day or anything :oD But practicing always makes you better at it.

June 4, 2013

Today's guy: Javier

For those that like Javier Bardem, maybe... just maybe!... you can see some vague resemblance to him in this sketch. I will need to try again, he has such a handsome masculine face!

Seems interesting to note that it is a lot easier to see one's mistakes better digitally, than when you have the actual drawing in front of our eyes... not sure why :oP

Is not too late to join the challenge! Any level of expertise, even if you have not done a male face before... it is fun! Click on my top menu to visit participants and add your blog.

June 3, 2013

Little boy

I sketched this boy for my June Guys, I had fun drawing him! I gave him stripes for his T shirt :oD I rarely make open smiles, not sure why. Maybe because shadowing the teeth can be tricky.... But it can be a fun exercise too.
Thanks for visiting, and I hope you can join us making some guys this month ♥

Oh, and to participate in the Mandarin Orange, I made a color version too!

June 2, 2013

The winner is....

My movie maker program was having another hiccup... again!  ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) ggrrr!

I like to tape the picking of the winner, I think it's fun, but for this time you will have to imagine how it went and see the last image, with the winner's name: Joy Redington!

Thank you to all of the people that participated!! Be ready for another giveaway soon as my blog is approaching 700 friends, (•‿•)  I will make the "Almost 700 Giveaway"

What would you prefer to win in a giveaway, out of the following options?
     A- One printed copy of any of my paintings 
     B- One original ACEO
     C- A free spot in my class (Basic face)

Let me know!

June 1, 2013

June Guys! The male face.

Welcome to the first day of the June Guys challenge!

So, what makes a face male? Most women draw a girly face probably because we are so used to seeing our own faces, which are girly :o)

And when, without previous experience, we want to make the face of a man, it turns out like a girl with a mustache :>O

So, lets see the basic steps to give a face male characteristics, for those that have never done a male face. There are a bunch of ways and styles, this is just one way to make a male face:

 *Number one, the head is more square and angular. Particularly the chin and the top of the eyes. Preferably the eyebrow, if drawing from imagination, is better to leave kind of flat and bushier. If you are working from a picture then follow what you see.

 *Usually the eyes are smaller, the nose longer, and a woman's nose usually is made smaller, but then again, if you are working from a picture, follow what you see there.

  *The mouth does not need much detail, in fact, the more details the more you will go towards making it too cute. A simple shadow of the top lip and an indication of the lower lip is enough. I made more shadows by the jaw, some indications of circles under his eyes, ears a bit more pronounced that the female face and the neck thicker.

 Remember, you don't have to make any particular number of faces for this challenge, but have fun practicing!

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