February 19, 2008

Insert appropriate title here

I bumped into THIS wonderful blog posting.
It's regarding the same thing we've been talking about, the crazy ebay changes, just with another point of view, even better. Or should I say scarier?

Viva Ola!
I'll put my nickle in just about any other auction/sales site that will respect me, give me back the fun of listing, and will not tie my hands when the occasional mean buyer attacks.
In my art ID I have been lucky to meet so many nice repeating buyers, but in our other ID, the one where we sell all kind of odds and ends... man, I have had a couple of bidders who'd make a Tazmanian-devil faint.
OK, 'nuff of that!

~*~ ~*~
In other news, I have been working with polymer, and loving it!
I thought I was going to have a hard time making hands and feet, so I started by working on those.... but what do you know?? By the time I tried to make a face, I woke up to reality and no other material I have tried has given me so much ... frustration? LOL
I made some weird looking heads... I messed with them till it looked more like an old asian lady instead of a cute young girl (my initial goal) So I kept making one after the other.....
I realized my problem was the eyes I had baked, and the fact that I was not setting the eye ball deeper into the head. :oP
So I have cut the ball in half and I have added more to the top of the head.
What do you think?
Ayala Art
Here I used white clay pre-baked for the eyeballs. I curled the wire because I had nothing to hang her from to bake, so I thought the wire could be her own little stand. It worked.
Ayala Art
This is after I painted the face and eyes
Ayala Art
For this face I used my pre-baked and pre-painted eyes
Ayala Art
I added the eyelashes before baking. It was hard! lol

February 8, 2008

Options and more options

People like having options and life is about changes.
The problem is when someone shoves a change you don't need/want in your face and you have to deal suddenly with unplanned options.
What am I talking about? ;o)
Exactly. ebay and their crazy changes!

So my dearest 3 readers, today I'll post about some of the options out there.
It's like fixing a date for your creations. The current date slaps you in the face when you are not looking, so even when it's nice looking, deserves to sit in the timeout chair for a good while.
The other dates are the overlooked: too short, too skinny, too quiet... but now tons of people are visiting them so let's keep an eye open. And run. lol

* Bidville
* ecrater
* iOffer
* ola
* uBid

Amazon and Etsy are not auction sites though they are great options.

There are more places but there's just so much reading one can do, before the eyes start to bug out.
I personally will try with ola and keep my fingers crossed.
No, I don't plan to evacuate and never come back. I have met so many wonderful people on feebay, many of them good friends. But...
People like having options and life is about changes! :oD

Illustration Friday

The theme is "choose" and this is my entry

2.5x3.5, acrylics on watercolour paper

February 1, 2008

Lots of news!

I am doing the happy dance!
My little Cordelia is the Diva Queen for February in the Art Diva's group!
She was "princess Cordelia" but I guess now she is a Queen ;o)

Ayala Art
So all month long she will be in display, along with a cute girl painting from "The wild gipsy".

Also, I've been tagged! ...Twice!! lol
OK, Flora and Sue, I hope it is OK to answer the same 5 questions for the 2 tags?
10 things about myself would be too much for me to reveal LOL

1-When I was a little I wanted to be a mermaid and have a twin sister.
Since it was impossible, I decided to start drawing mermaids on my grandma's wall, to the delight of some, and the embarrassment of my poor mom lol

2-I am ambidextrous. No, it's not a religion :oP

3-There's always a bunch projects going at the same time on my table.
Some of them grow legs and walk around by themselves into new inconvinient places.

4-My favorite thing to paint is eyes. Me second favorite is hands.
My least favourite? ... I have yet to find out.

5-I can roll my tongue into a taco. lol (can you??)

I'll have to come back later with my people to tag!


Right now, in Doll4Art, we are having votes for the doll challenges for the months to come. They will be a lot of fun!
And there's also a goodie-bag give away for the lucky posting in the chit-chat thread, yaay!