December 27, 2005

Who's up for more food?

I am still stuffed with all this Christmas dinners, pies, cookies and the rest. I'm glad it's only once a year! hehehehe
I have not had any time to paint and I am starting to get antsy about it, but we have been so busy fixing the bathroom and the children running in the loose. I guess some times you just have to wait.
Was Santa nice to you all? I hope so!
I wish 2006 is a wonderful year for all, full of creativity, health and love.
oh! and money!

November 16, 2005

More little Fridas

Fridas today!
These are 4x4 paintings, they are so much fun to paint!

Frida's cat:
Image hosted by

Frida with sunflowers

October 25, 2005

My first collaborative work

I just listed it!! yaaay!
My first artist collab work. It's been a lot of fun! I couldn't wait to get it in the mail all the way from Australia... I have to admit I was scared of ruin it, but it was a thrill to paint.
Thanks TeAnne!
I sent her one too (a mermaid), and she listed it in her auctions with her Killer Teddy hehehe
Mine is a Frida as you can see.

October 21, 2005



I had
to say it

October 20, 2005

Nibblefest Contest

This is my entry to the nibblefest contest, where the winner is the person with more individual unique bids. Wish me luck!

September 13, 2005

Madonnas & Witches

I had the need to create something more traditional for a change. I went to draw several Madonnas with angels in the base, looking like wood carvings. The kind of Mexican wood carvings I like so much.
I painted a few Madonnas art cards and by today they all are sold.
I am working on some witches too since Halloween is coming. What a combo... Madonnas and Witches!

I was talking with an artist who makes tons of wild animals. I love her art!
That inspired me to make my own little wild animal.

As much as I love painting my little divas, I had to make one a little bigger in a 4x6 inches canvas, so there she is, in the wild, hugging a tapir.
I am also working on other canvas although I find myself making sad faces. After reading so much bad weather news, many of my paintings had a sad face.

I'll work on smiles next :)

September 3, 2005

Hurricane and people messing around

I am not a person that follows the news. I'm sorry but I rather do something better than watching the same little piece of information repeated over and over in all tones of voice and all kinds of angles, until something else happens.
So by the time I really paid attention to the hurricane Katrina and all the horrible things that happened in the area, it was all done. And the looting had begun.

I cried. I wanted to do something to help. I thought of ways to send money or things to the area, and so did a lot of more people.
As a person that paints, I thought to do art to donate.
But the strange thing is that while a lot of people are trying to get help there through their art, many other are fighting for the method, fighting for the charges, arguing for the price that would cost to take it there, and the channels of distribution.
I've seen people getting as crazy about it, as the looters!
I have been reading other boards and groups and I am frankly in shock to see the attitude of some people that in the name of *helping out* they have insulted innocent people, picking up fights against ebay and ultimately having auctions pulled and making a lot of enemies in the process.
That wasn't art. That wasn't helping. I'd call it ridiculous tantrums with a bad excuse.

I understand passion and emotions. I don't understand lack of respect to others, who had the same right as anyone to think or say what they think.

Ultimately, the feisty people that didn't like the method of auctioning art to donate funds, could just as easy send some cash! Any amount helps and they'd have one less offended/hurt person next to them.
I opted for donating diapers, canned milk and some cash.

A prayer and best wishes for all the people that are going through hard times in those states.

August 28, 2005


Usually when I sit to paint I have already several ideas that are bursting out of my head. I sketch a few things, and some others just go directly into the canvas.
I like to collect pictures, clippings, my own pictures and quick sketches done when I happen to see something I like, even if it's just a sentence, to remind me later of the image that caught my attention.

It's funny. Years ago, when I was living in Mexico and ALL my friends were artists -what a blast!- each of us had a different way of doing their thing.

A musician friend of mine who is also a composer, had always a little notebook in his pocket and he'd get it and write something fast to write more in detail about it later. Some other friends would be more like a hands on work at the moment without previous thoughts to make their art.

At that time I had a graphic design studio and there was always something going on. Either a group of actors rehearsing for a play, my clay group mixing mud to make masks or getting together to finish a project.

My old town has 5 big universities and tons of students from many states and countries. I had friends from Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, the US and some other places I can't remember at the moment. Most of us moved away from there, a lot of us got married and started a family, some of them made a strong professional carrer out of their artistic talents.

It is a pleasure to see them again when there's a chance. They are still a great source of inspiration.


August 24, 2005

Oil painting

After 3 months I am re opening my oil paint tubes. I was missing the buttery texture. I prefer the water mixable kind. I have read opposite opinions about them, but I have to say I love them! I don't see myself ever using turpentine or any other smelly thing. Even the new kind that doesn't smell as bad, still has an odor. I rather mix with linseed oil and water.

I just have been working with acrylics so much lately and I love them, but there's a different feeling altogether. Even with mediums the acrylic goes faster which is why I like them so much, but somehow oils are still a mystery to me.

I am currently working on a 20x16 mermaid painting. I was inspired by some sculptures even when at the end my sketch did not look at all like the figures. I was going to take a picture when it was just a sketch, but got so excited that couldn't let go of the paint brush!

I still have no idea where that digital camera went.... but when I find it I will post a picture here.
So far I have the background water and the mermaid's tale.
Here's the picture of an art card I sold in my auctions. How many times can I say I love Art Cards without sounding too repetitious? lol

August 23, 2005

Back to school

Well, in general the going back to school has left me with more time to paint.
I was going to enter a few things to the county fair, but unfortunately I forgot the last day was today.
I went to the art gallery with my friend from Venezuela and had a blast.
I discover a new artist in town, so cool! He's latin too and you can see it all over his paintings.
It was there, chatting with one of the gallery members, that I learn it was the last day to sign up for the fair thingie. Oh well.... I was lazy to rush to get there across town.

I am from a HUGE city (it was about 4 million people when I moved out of there), and everything that is "close" it's about 30/40 minutes from home.
We moved to this city with less than half a million people and now I feel anything farther than 10 minutes is too far away!! LOL Isn't that crazy?
People here complain of lines... man, for me a long line was when it was more than 15 people!
The sad part is that there isn't as much art around here.

I placed more art cards today in my auctions, and send a bunch to the card swap group. I am dieing to see the ones I will get from the other artists!!
I tried to get from all kinds of styles and countries too. This is such a thrill. Christmas in summer!

I wonder if this thing has a spell checker.... I know I need one.

August 20, 2005

The art card competition

I am currently participating on an Art Card "theme week" at ebay, where the subject is Nursery Rhymes. Almost all of mine are funny:
I have a few links here that will end by the 24 of August 2005 I think:

Here's my Humpty Dumpty

Here my Miss Muffet version:

Black Sheep


One two buckle my show

Life is but a dream...

All the cards participating are great. They go from .99 cents to close to 100.00!
It'll be fun to see who's the winner