September 13, 2005

Madonnas & Witches

I had the need to create something more traditional for a change. I went to draw several Madonnas with angels in the base, looking like wood carvings. The kind of Mexican wood carvings I like so much.
I painted a few Madonnas art cards and by today they all are sold.
I am working on some witches too since Halloween is coming. What a combo... Madonnas and Witches!

I was talking with an artist who makes tons of wild animals. I love her art!
That inspired me to make my own little wild animal.

As much as I love painting my little divas, I had to make one a little bigger in a 4x6 inches canvas, so there she is, in the wild, hugging a tapir.
I am also working on other canvas although I find myself making sad faces. After reading so much bad weather news, many of my paintings had a sad face.

I'll work on smiles next :)

September 3, 2005

Hurricane and people messing around

I am not a person that follows the news. I'm sorry but I rather do something better than watching the same little piece of information repeated over and over in all tones of voice and all kinds of angles, until something else happens.
So by the time I really paid attention to the hurricane Katrina and all the horrible things that happened in the area, it was all done. And the looting had begun.

I cried. I wanted to do something to help. I thought of ways to send money or things to the area, and so did a lot of more people.
As a person that paints, I thought to do art to donate.
But the strange thing is that while a lot of people are trying to get help there through their art, many other are fighting for the method, fighting for the charges, arguing for the price that would cost to take it there, and the channels of distribution.
I've seen people getting as crazy about it, as the looters!
I have been reading other boards and groups and I am frankly in shock to see the attitude of some people that in the name of *helping out* they have insulted innocent people, picking up fights against ebay and ultimately having auctions pulled and making a lot of enemies in the process.
That wasn't art. That wasn't helping. I'd call it ridiculous tantrums with a bad excuse.

I understand passion and emotions. I don't understand lack of respect to others, who had the same right as anyone to think or say what they think.

Ultimately, the feisty people that didn't like the method of auctioning art to donate funds, could just as easy send some cash! Any amount helps and they'd have one less offended/hurt person next to them.
I opted for donating diapers, canned milk and some cash.

A prayer and best wishes for all the people that are going through hard times in those states.