December 31, 2013

Reflections of 2013

As this year is coming to an end I'm trying to reflect on how flipping crazy it was for me.
I met new super cool people with the 29 faces challenge. The challenge ran twice and it was a wonderful experience both times. I was part of many teams in the FITW III because it was so much fun, but at the end I think I went a little bananas :o)

Also received in the mail my long waited turn for the TAP (Traveling Art Painting) organized by Joyce in NZ.

And...I was invited to be an instructor at the SoulFood online classes, which is about to start, so exciting!

Artistically, for the big part of the year, it was fun and interesting.

Cartoon made by ObLivian

In my personal life however, many things went horribly wrong. Emotionally, health wise and as family, we went on a nasty fast downhill on an unpaved road trip for months. Things are better now, but believe me, I do not ever want to feel the same way again or even remember it.

Also I, who hardly ever get a cold... have spent the whole month of December ill except for probably 4 days, dealing with a flu. How unfun is that? I have not painted the whole month. I think I only made one drawing, more like a doodle on a napkin. It was all I could handle being so sick.

I am planing to attack my pencils and paint brushes with revenge coming this January. And hopefully I will have my camera to show you (◡‿◡✿)

My wish for you is that you get many cookies, and run before life tries to kick you in the shin! ♥
Here's to a wonderful, lovely, positive, healthy 2014.
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December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and blessed celebrations

My wish for you is to have a blessed, happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas, and the  different celebration of your faith.
Yes, there can be peaceful celebrations even with small kids and teens ♥
May you have someone to hug, to share a meal with and a reason to smile, even if by phone...

A funny video with Christmas music:

... and a cute video:

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Updates before the year is gone

Not sure why I forgot to post about the FITWIII I got all pretty from Shelle in AU and Stacy in CA, who turned out to be a happy hippie lady with a baby crow, I love it!

 I won the awesome art of Kristin McCulloch! (LilliBean Designs)

Many people asked me to update my wall status, including my husband, who made a great job of almost disastrous situation we had going...
Here is the before and after:

Other updates: a huge bunch of my nice magazines found a new home, thanks!
I'm organizing a Traveling Journal for January, so the month goes fast (NO, I do not like January one bit)
There is 38 more days to start the 29 faces challenge in February!!!!
...Can't make a face? Take one of my online super easy classes! Check my side bar!
For those visiting in small electronic devises click HERE and HERE to see.

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December 15, 2013

The traveling paint...

I am part of the year long collab Traveling Art Project, orchestrated by Joyce Van der Lely.
The list of participants is long, but I have to mention Heather Santos mailed to me, and this is what happened. In the 1st image you can see my pencil sketch, then I added paint little by little, making the collaged drops more prominent:

December 11, 2013

News and Looong funny rant

My giveaway for the Soul Food Class was won by Gina Morley! She won 39 fun art lessons, yaayy!!

And I was also lucky: We went to my husband's office Christmas party. They always have a raffle. I won a plasma TV. (◠‿◠)
Well, that's where the story begins!

I placed it on top of the TV cabinet, kind of eclectic look being that I had my old TV right under. After we connected it, we noticed the sound was kind of yucky and the image quality was not so great, so I decided to take it back to the store, get a store credit and pay the difference for another one. After a couple of hours of shopping, waiting in the return line, blah blah, they didn't have the same size so we had to get a bigger one. LED.

At that point we had gotten rid of the poor old TV, (I say poor because unsuspectingly it got kicked out of its house, left alone in the donations place) it was the kind of huge bulky square -took three of us to move it and I almost threw out my back-- but it was still working fine. We had it mostly to watch old movies, or when the other TV is in use by noisy games and someone wants to come to a more private quiet place (namely, mom's room lol)

We brought the new TV, put it on the top of cabinet but it looked silly since now there was this gaping hole from the other banished one, so we put it in the shelf, connected it, and it had great sound and image quality but now since it is not bulky, it looked tiny in the cabinet's shelf. Readjusting shelves didn't work.
My husband suggested to go get a larger one. I was hesitant because really, that TV doesn't get much use, but well, we went back to return and exchange it. Another 3 hours of a line in the store... ugh  [ಠ_ಠ]

We went out in the near freezing weather, more hours of waiting and lines. They didn't have the next size up but a bigger one. Oops. OK, may as well, we got that one. But not in this store, they only had one in the far away store... So drive far we did, parked far because it was full to the brims, got frozen cold because it was near ice out there, plus the expected long lines...  etc... We  came back home, got it out of the box ready to connect and what do you think...? It didn't fit in the cabinet hahahaha Too big! (-_ლ) No way I'm going back to exchange!

I thought well, I will fill up the shelf with stuff and set the TV on top. Who cares?
Well, no can do; the dang coffered ceiling won't allow it. This TV is now too tall.

I have a hate-hate relationship with that coffered ceiling thing... it is not the typical band around of about 7 or 10 inches thick, it is a whole upside down bench. About 21 inches low! We couldn't get the bed we wanted because of the low profile of the coffering ( there such a word?) Anyway, let's just say that if it wasn't a huge messy expensive project to knock it down, it wouldn't  be there. I can almost hear it snicker at me some nights :oP

So... Next option: shop for a new cabinet.
We had the old one for 17 years after all. The fact that was pristine didn't matter; it was unfortunately the wrong size for this. Out of the room and shop for a new one.
That brought up another set of problems. I had a bunch of books and magazines in the bottom doors. Oops. Go and arrange that. Down memory lane.... old kids paintings, books and stuff. Discard, organize. Make another trip to donations. Inevitably now I have a pile of junk on the dining table waiting to be redistributed somewhere. But that will have to wait because now I have to go get a new cabinet.

Three days later with my eyes spinning between the prices, sizes and styles we still couldn't decide.  We saw tall, short, modern, antique... I figured since it would not match our furniture, might as well be so clashy that it would look eclectic on purpose, right?  Did you know there are TV cabinets with fake electric fireplaces? Wow.
I was very close to buying an antique black one full of curves, kind of bombe, but it didn't fit the player. Not to mention the price was a bit too much for such an unplanned purchase.

After looking high and low, my husband decided to forget the furniture, just mount it on the wall. There are 2 options: it can be installed on the wall and have all the cables and wires in a neat cover that can be painted the color of the wall, easy. Or it can be installed after punching holes in the wall to have the cables and wires hidden inside the wall. I opted for the easy neat cover. My husband wanted to have them hidden. Difficulty level: 1000.
Now I have 2 holes in the wall. One of them quite uneven. ( ¬_¬) Yes, you can laugh.

I will skip the part where we were missing tools and cables were cut too short, someone stepped on the outlet cover and broke it, and the fact that I had no electricity till 10 pm, just go directly to the part where, after cutting the holes in the wall, we discovered that there was an unexpected wood bar in the way so getting the cables from point A to point B took a whole day more than planned, and unfortunately the 2nd hole ended up larger that expected so a re-patch and re-paint is part of the list too. Hopefully soon he will finish the project.

On the way to get patching paint and a gift for a co worker, I discovered a cute adorable dainty cabinet to be placed in front of the hopefully-soon-hanging-TV just as decor and kind of fence to deter fast walking-wall-bumpers from the electronics. Great price, nice size, no storage unfortunately but seems perfect for the spot. It just needed different knobs to look more unique. I bought it. Then we went to get knobs at the market shop with imports. We got 3 awesome ceramic knobs. 1 for the drawer, 2 for the little doors. It was hard to remove them because of the finishing so my son was very careful to score the paint around with a blade, then unscrew them, to add the new ones.
Well, whaddayaknow? After all his work, the door knobs were too wide and fit tight together so the dang dainty doors won't close! Agh! ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)  He reinstalled the old ones, we just left the one in the drawer. Still unique looking.

It is a little over a week of the infamous lucky winning, and now I have holes in the wall, wires hanging out, plaster debris on the carpet, a new TV back in the box, an old cabinet in the entry way, a pile of junk in the dining room... a new dainty cabinet in the hall (with only one shiny new knob). And a vacuum cleaner ready to go.  Agh!


 All of this after a winning price... My husband said he is not going to let me get another raffle ticket next time ( •‿- )

And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, you are not to see the gift horse in the mouth!

Oh! Congrats to Gina!

December 4, 2013

Well, I picked a new one!

The class winner is happily taking my class but I haven't been able to find the winner of the 4x4 art card after a week, so, sorry!
But another winner was picked, and it is.......


December 2, 2013

Awesome Giveaway!

OK, this is super extra awesome.....
I am giving away one spot for the Soul Food Class, which is 38 other instructors and myself! That is like winning 39 classes all at once!
I think it is the best-est giveaway ever!

What do you have to do to play? Visit my FaceBook art page. (I'm running in FB because I have more traffic there for now)
Leave a comment THERE, and SHARE it on your wall, or any other site, and let me know.
I will leave it open for a week, so the 9th of December I will pick a winner and post it here.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there's an EASY way to contact you. I am not in Google plus, so if your profile is closed, or I can't reach the winner, I will give it to another person. Keep that in mind! :oD

Update: the winner is Gina M from the UK! ♥