March 27, 2010

New babies!

I have been working on my polymer clay baby dolls. You can see in the right module the listings, but I will post a link here too.
This is Brookie: (Sold)

This is Claire: (Sold)

Here they are together playing with the toys:

Listings HERE

March 26, 2010

Boy, are we hungry!

These little beasties are leaving their poor momma all skinny, she was sick the other day, got me worried for a bit, now we are giving her two more servings and less puppy time, which leads to another problem.... messy puppies! hehehe
... and a lot of extra work right after they are done... clean 5 faces, wipe 20 paws, wash tiny dishes and of course the floor. uff!

But just look at them, aren't they cute?

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March 24, 2010

It finally got here!

Yesterday was a busy day and I couldn't post how thrilled I was about finally getting my beautiful giveaway from Janine. It is so pretty! Thank you Janine! It was also wrapped in beautiful paper, and it has markers in it! yaay! I love my Art Box!

March 22, 2010

Spring has sprung

So here is an update on the "poopies": Every time I turn around, they spill out of the box like marbles, then they cry because they are lost LOL They walk around in circles like drunk zombies and we just laugh so much with their antics.
Panzón keeps his distance, but comes every morning to make sure he is still the king of his plate, then he takes off back to his cat business.

I went to list on Etsy some Frida Mini Paintings, I like the way they turned out! I also listed one Frida HERE

And this is the tree we see from the back window:

For about 3 days there were like 100 small birds with yellow chests, making all kinds of happy noises, in their way to the south, I'm sure.
Lovely Spring. I hope wherever you are, you are having a beautiful day.

March 14, 2010

ADO event

If you are into dolls, you will enjoy clicking on ebay and check out the great selection ADO is offering all this week. CLICK HERE

March 11, 2010

I spy with my little eye.....

Something shiny! They look so cute with their eyes open! Well, at least three of thewm anyway :oP

From the start Mr. Bennet is the biggest and ahead of the rest. He opened his eyes first and faster. Mr Collins still has them closed, but a bit squinty. I am seriously considering changing his name to Mr. Magoo LoL

They all need a shower in the worst way! We put some newspaper for them and now they are all stained with ink, silly things!

I'll come back tomorrow to post about paintings and dolls.

March 8, 2010

Fat tamales

Look at the puppies, aren't they getting fat? They look like tamales to me!
I have been busier than what I really meant to be, with these 5 doggies.... I guess it is fun, but it is a lot of work to feed a mom of 5 boys, always hungry and in a hurry.
They still don't open their eyes. Mr. Bennet has the darkest face, and Mr. Collins is still the runt. Mr. Wickham is barking, silly thing still can't open his eyes but he's barking heeheh

I am so thrilled to inform you I won the Giveaway in Janine's blog!! Can't wait to see it in person!! yaay!!

Also, I listed an elf on ebay. His name is Randee. He's barely 4 inches, but with his hat, he's close to 5 inches. He has a fun cupcake too.

Click Link:

Well, let's all go and have a nice week!

March 3, 2010

Janine's giveaway! Plus some awesome words

Hey, I want to win that pretty giveaway Janine is having! I posted on twitter too, but whatever you do, don't stand in my way ok?? MiNe!!LoL :oP

...Now, I want to share with you an awesome words from Gary Reef I read this morning:

Sustaining Passion
I think the biggest key to success as an artist is learning to sustain your passion.
It is really difficult to juggle life as well as having an art career because usually
the art career gives way. So the question is, can you have both? Can you be a
successful artist whilst holding the family and all of those responsibilities together?

Well the answer is YES, but it does take some time management skills, but even more
importantly it takes really WANTING it. Nothing ever comes easy, and those who say so,
live in big fat fairy land.

The key is all about sustaining that passion you have, to focus every spare moment on
creating and getting it out there for the world to see. ‘Think less do more’ is
a mantra I say constantly because thinking about it won’t make it happen!
Those people who make it HAPPEN might not necessarily be the best artists, but they have that
passion and nonstop drive to succeed. So if you’re really passionate about art
and I mean REALLY passionate, then you will succeed because the universe (call
it God) opens doors for those who are really dedicated. Because I really
believe that if you follow your passion and your heart doors open up to support
that. BUT...

We are constantly tested to see how passionate we really are. You know when that
gallery knocks you back because you don’t have an art degree, or you’re the only
member of the art society who does abstract work or you live in a small country
town in the middle of Hicksville or you don’t get selected to exhibit...look at
it all as a test!

Many people will give up and I will be the first to admit I have

been so disheartened on occasions like that, but don’t take the easy road.
Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes lots of hard work and many
rejections...keep burning that passion like a candle. Keep it alive, protect it
and you will find that eventually you will see results.
Stay strong, determined and focused and never give up!"

................Wow! wasn't that inspiring??? :oD

And to close this post: say goodbye to fumes... say goodbye to cleaning your paint brushes!!
And I'm afraid, you'll say also good bye to a large chunk of money with this AWESOME Paint Program!


March 1, 2010

March already!

We are already in March, wow! And the puppies are growing like fat ticks on poor momma dog. I noticed their little noses are no longer pink, but a shade of brown, same for their tiny paws and ears. Just like Scruffie, they are developing a bit of dark tones in some places and the rest is a white coat. Which means, all of them being boys, that they will never be clean LoL :oP
Their personalities (or is it dog-sonalities?) are quite diverse: Mr Bennet is calm, same for Mr. Darcy who is so cute, and half the time Mr Bingley. Mr. Whickam barks a lot, very demanding little thing! And Mr. Collins sings the opera. At least that's what it sounds to us when he makes his puppy noises hehehe

I have not done anything art related, just busy stuff, house/yard stuff, mom stuff. Pet stuff!
Sometimes life's like that :oS

Tomorrow I will actually sit to work on my TDP's journal. I know now what I want to do. I just couldn't figure what to do before, but I have an idea so I'll work on it. Then it goes to the box and to the post office, yaay!