November 26, 2009

I am thankful

Some years are good, some years are crazy, some are stupendous, and other years are sad. But out of all the good, crazy, stupendous or sad things in my life, I am always thankful.
Today in this country, my new home, I celebrate life. I am thankful for my health, for my family, for all the great people I have met online, and in person this year.
I am thankful for the people that I met and loved, that are no longer here with me, for the wonderful time we spent together.
Happy Thanks Giving.
Thanks for stopping by!
May your day be easy, fun, and full of pie.

Today, Panzón is thankful he's not a turkey!

November 17, 2009

Looks almost like a fairy infestation

This is what I have been finishing. I am very proud of myself actually! :oD
All those little dolls that were left behind have hair, outfits and wings... it would be so cool to have them in the backyard, in the bushes, popping up from corners... Only that I know some are naughty and it would be a big problem to catch them all lol

And also have been painting. See my WIPs I am not done with all the things I want to finish (or the paints I want to start!) But I am loving it...

I love going from periods with tons of texture, to times when I love soft grayish colors and no texture. Always find so exciting to go from acrylics to oils, then rediscover pastels....
I know, it's more marketable to stick to one thing, have one style.... but alas, I am not there yet... or maybe I am not that kind of artist. Who knows, as long as I find pleasure in it, I guess I am fine :oD

November 10, 2009

Three down...

Actually I should say four down and one more to go. But anyway, here is another picture with more tiny fairies done, they are a bit less than 3 inches tall. One of them has the tiniest leather shoes I ever made! I think they turned out cute, if I may say so myself :oP

I am also working on some bigger paperclay dolls, and I am holding myself from starting on an Izannah Walker inspired doll. I have the pattern and the general idea, but I need time because it requires a lot of sewing and I am not that fast at it....
But aren't they gorgeous!? Here's a PICTURE of one, from North dixie designs, in case you have not seen one before.

Keep making art and enjoy the autumn!

November 3, 2009

She's all done....

I finished one of the dollies last night, and here's the picture. It was kind of hard to decide on the hair color... I wanted light purple but I think this light yellow looks better.
She is the one on the right on the past posting :o)

Now my movie comments.... weeks ago we went to see "Where the wild things live".
What can I say? The book is cute. I don't particularly remember it since my kids are older, but I remember I thought the drawings were fun.... the monsters in the movie are awesome, the kid actor is cute and talented, visually the film it is very rich and creative. That part I enjoyed.... but the yelling, the brattiness and specially the end... yuck! I was really expecting some loving words from the mom at the end (As in, don't you ever go like that again :oP lol) or a tender "sorry mom, I'll never do it again!" from the kid. Nada. We went straight from biting mom, running wild, and coming back to chocolate cake. HUH? That only makes me think the guys that made the movie took some large liberties of poetic license and.... they don't have kids!
That end needs a good fixing, otherwise it is a deflated balloon.

November 2, 2009

Starting another one?

Somehow I hurt myself again. I was recuperating so well but I over did stuff and now I have to go back to take it easy. Oh well...
I decided one way to keep myself put, was to start a doll.
So I went to my table of doll stuff and wanted to start another doll, and then I felt someone looking at me. It was all the unfinished dolls I left there, bald and barefooted all the way to the neck... lol so I guess I will be adding hair and dressing dollies for now. :oD

So, how are you guys today?