April 17, 2008

For all the cat lovers out there...

If you don't laugh hard at this one, you are probably sleepy.
Even if you are not a cat person! :oD

I must add, my family is trying to convince me to adopt another feline.
They are sending me kitty videos, pictures... my daughter is making cat-art...
Will I surrender? ;o)

April 8, 2008

Listing finally

So thrilled to have new listings again!
I have a little bit of here and there.
Later today I'll be uploading and listing.
Check my OLA, my Etsy and Ebay.
Yes I know... ebay again.
After all the commotion I think some of the dust is settling.
It is scary. A lot of people are going to other places which is good (Like a friend said: "you should not have all your eggs in one basket"), going to other groups, and I guess some are keeping their hopes on ebay.

There's also this new site Doll and Art Live. Looks very nice and it's all dolls.

So, here's Brontë, all finished. She is a posable polymer Art Doll.

She is a little bit of a gypsy.