April 29, 2011

Will hearts Kate

I was planning to watch live the Royal Wedding, but alas, the pillow had more pull on me. It was around 1 or 2 AM California time and I thought a re-run was just as good and still warm just a few hours after the fact. Why didn't they marry a bit earlier??

So in my dreams I was wearing a fancy little hat, and danced with William, then with Harry. I ignored Charles because I never really forgave him after Diana. Yeah, whatever...  Oh! and also I caught the bouquet from Kate ;o)

Unfortunatelly I did not have internet earlier so I couldnt post till just now. Well, I hope everyone had a nice Friday and celebrated like if it was your own very important day. Only that it did not cost you 80 million pounds :oP

April 28, 2011

Detail of painting

This is the last leg of the collaborative gut art team. I will miss seeing all those great paintings!
The more advanced the piece, the harder it is to come up with something without covering my partners work, or ruining something in the process.
But well, I added crackle medium, antiquing and some coat of medium to the rest. I think it turned out nice:

Here's the whole painting Yvonne started:
Yvonne's painting

April 25, 2011

25% creating time and 75% promoting time

There was a very interesting discussion in one group. A new member was asking about how to go from hobby to professional artist/artisan, and how to promote.
Don't we all want to know the right path? Even if you have been a pro for a while, the road is not easy and marked. Although there are awesome people that can pintpoint you here and there.

Years ago in a workshop I took, the painter said that you should spend 25% of your time creating and 75% promoting, but I don't know about that.... that 75% can turn easy into 101% if we are not careful. And at the same time, if what we do is original and catchy, the 25% can turn into a 90%, once you have an audience or have selected the right networking for your craft.

Along with the talk on widgets for blogs, art websites and online shops, we talked about some cool sites.

I am tempted to do the Tumblr too, and there's another interesting site called Posterous which looks very nice and has a lot of audience too. Oh and lets not forget Devianart, just to name a few.... Some time ago I posted about this same thing, with like 200 networking sites! Agh!
But  the thing is to keep up with the postings! Not to spread too thin because it is easy to get lost in the "networking" and soon you are not really creating.
There are sites that allow you to post the same thing everywhere. Can't remember the name right now, but I did not like the idea to have the same text posted all over...? And what about reading the wave of comments? (That is assuming anyone feels like commenting! -insert lonely cricket sound here-) LoL

In 2009 I did a heavy duty cut in my online stuff: Left groups and activities that I was not really into it anymore, or were not giving me back something positive; left websites and all kinds of online places, and reduced my time too, so that I do have the time to work on the things I love. Slowly but surely.

It was hard at the time, but made me feel so much better.  How do you deal with it? What steps do you take to "make time" and let the world know?
UPDATE: Just by coincidence I saw This Today, and its pretty much what I was thinking about  when I posted in my blog. Very interesting!

April 20, 2011

Just a Quick Update

I have to share this picture from the Gut Art collaboration team, it is so awesome!

It has transformed into something so whimsical and fun! Fabric, stitches, and paint... oh my!
It just traveled from Milwaukee to New York, then after more work it will come to me... can't wait to see it in person! This is how it looked before, in case you missed it.

April 18, 2011

Easter week

Hi there! I am here, spending a semi-quiet Easter week, the kids out from school and of course driving their mama crazy (and I do not need help to get any crazier, thanks) :oP
I hope everyone is having a good week with nice weather.
I have been doing some needed gardening, some house things and frankly not a lot of time for artsy things. But I am slowly working on a doll's hair and other projects when I have a little break.
Hopefully I will have pictures to show my efforts ;o)
I'm really dreading summer vacation :o]

April 13, 2011

These past few days...

... have been so crazy busy with all kinds of things! House stuff, kids stuff, life stuff. But one awesome stuff is that, coincidentally, I have many visiting Art Dolls at the same time!

I have a sweet piggy from Sue, in the touring babies (I still have to take nice pics):

A gypsy (made by Jenna), here visiting with Wren (made by Jan) And dear Wren just left with baby Ingrid.

A monsterish lady, who is getting a body (from Mealy Monster Land) -I don't have pictures ready for posting but she is looking awesome!

...Oh! And remember Zeb and Calee? They sent a postcard!

Thanks Lezlei, that was a really cute idea!
Now I have to plan to sit and list in my shop all kinds of goodies that I have ready to go. One more baby will go soon to ebay, and more ACEO to my Etsy shop.

April 5, 2011

Here's the other one!

I made her a dress, bonnet and that's the hardest part of all, not being a seamstress... But what do you all think? I picked a very cheerful orange color :o)

Here's with the other baby girl and a Teddy bear to give an idea of size.

Another picture:

I am not sure yet where I'm going to list them. I guess I can try one in each site? (Etsy and ebay)
Thanks for visiting!

April 3, 2011

Small, tiny and super tiny

I was making a polymer clay baby in a smaller size than what I usually make... but it still was too big for what I needed.
One is 3 inches, the other 2.50 more or less
 So I made an even smaller one. It turned out cute if I may say so myself, first time I make babies with closed eyes. They both have a soft body and moving limbs.... and the tiniest toes  Xo)

But... it still was too big! So I ended up doing the smallest clay baby I have ever made.

The third baby has a solid body... and it's cold!

I wish I could take a closer picture. Even with my zoom still doesn't show the toes and wrinkles heheeh
The fist one still needs an outfit and hair.

She has hair and a dress now

The second one, just her hat took me the whole day to make that little thing! And for the third one I made a bonnet smaller than that.
Ah, much better with a hat and a blankie!

I will post more pics as I go.  :oD

April 1, 2011

it's Friday!

I hope you won't get fool too many times. Here, by the time it was 7 am we got 4 pranks! Gosh... (And 3 of them was just me!) LoL
For friends in other countries, this is similar to All Saints day in December, where they play jokes of all kinds to a poor innocent soul. :oP
Have an awesome day!