June 30, 2014

What happened to June?

Well, seems like the #JuneGuys month comes to an end. I managed a few before the month was over... I hope you enjoyed making the male face too!
Why does it feel the year is going too fast?
I have been working behind the scenes on various projects, but since they are still not done cooking I can't post about it. But let me say that I'm desperate to show hahaha

For now, I will post a beautiful photo of our orchid:

...and the last of my June Guys, charcoal on paper. Very vague resemblance with a young Brad P, just coincidental.

Check my monoprinting video tomorrow!

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June 28, 2014

Cat in my window

My cat, like most cats... is a curious creature. And very silly. As soon as he is inside he wants to go out, just to go to a window and spy on us.
Like a good cat, he can't see a door he doesn't want to go through, or a window he can't snoop at. I took a picture and played with the editor:

Isn't he pretty? (^._.^)

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June 26, 2014

Finding images on google

I made this sign yesterday because so many artists have gone through the same problem of finding their art used in a way not intended: (Feel free to re post it and/or use this image and talk about your own story if you have had a problem too).

In my case I have seen my images posted without letting me know, sometimes with a credit back, or asked me to use them but also used as a very badly done tote bag, yes, many years ago.
In the case of my buddy Lulu Pink Turtle, her art was copied to make even cookies! Sure, it takes a lot of work to make beautiful cokies BUT can't they come up with their own ideas??

The typical excuse is that "they found the image on google" Well, the internet is an excellent tool but it is not a bag of chips to just go grab one  (╯°~°)╯  lol

It is there because either the author put it there or someone else did, hopefully respecting the copyright. Sites like Pinterest make it impossible to keep your work in your own site, even if you remove it, they still keep a copy.
I always recommend to watermark, not just to give them a hard time to copy (lets face it, if someone wants to copy an image, there are tons of tools to do so, sadly) but also to show your information in the image so people can find you if they want to see more of your work.

Share the message, add a friendly note in your blog or site, links about copyright, angel policy and hopefully more and more people with understand that it is not nice to use without permission and profit with the images that someone else created.

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June 25, 2014

Taking it easy

This past weeks I have been taking it easy. Not exactly my plan but my hurt shoulder does not allow for much just yet. I have no idea how exactly I ended up hurting my shoulder, I guess it was a series of small actions, maybe? The thing is I can barely move it and I am having Physical Therapy that hurts as much as leaving it alone. Lets hope that it helps soon because it is so annoying!

So, not much art but I have a few nice images to share.
This is from the FITW. Lee in AU made the kitty but then she suggested to change it... so I asked again if it was OK to give it a whole other look and after the agreement, I turned around: (Now it is a Frida KATlo) :oP

What do you think? Do you like the results?

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June 19, 2014

Gelli Printing Video!

All my printing junk got moved to the kitchen for the day, because frankly, it is very scary to play with open bottles of acrylic paint all over the desk and if you remember, I already had a couple of close encounters with the wet goop on the carpet lol
I made a few stencils and tried them on my gelatin plate and different kinds of paper. I have tried copy paper, sketch, scrapbook and deli papers.... and I wanted to work on watercolor but for my dry weather, the watercolor paper is way too thirsty to make a slow print. You have to work fast on that one!

Anyway, here is a little video with the mixed results of WIPs. I will scan the smaller ones, others are too large. Some were too frustrating, but as I turned on the camera I could see they have a chance, if I give them enough layers and color.

Thanks for visiting!

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June 16, 2014

Mini Traveling Art Journal

Along with the June guys, and the large Traveling Journal -which unfortunately the mailing got all discombobulated out of order and I have not seen a book now for a couple of months -- I just organized a mini 5x7 traveling Journal. Smaller and less participants.
This is my cover:

I made the video lesson of how I made it and will add it to the MMW ning site soon!

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June 13, 2014

More June Guys

Here are two more June Guys from me:

 My scanner is acting up still... no idea why now it shows in sepia tones, but at least it looks ok for this face.
Have a great weekend!

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June 11, 2014

FITW madness!

Every time I run a FITW (Face in the World) challenge, we start with 4 or 5 groups, then we all go mad and I end up organizing 9, 10, 11... groups. It is so addictive! :oD
From Australia to Netherlands to Germany to New Zealand, Canada, the US and the UK we all mail and play ... and can't stop.
Few days ago I had in my mailbox 3 pieces the same day. So fantastic!!
Here is one from Lee in Australia:


The 2nd image shows my additions.
Thanks for visiting!

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June 9, 2014

So, I got distracted

We have been enjoying a burning heat in California. 113F (45C) So far we had 2 blackouts, always fun to be left hanging with no electricity as you can imagine... In the 1st we "lost" the printer.   It got mad and refused to be seen or found by any computer. It had to be reinstalled.
In the 2nd blackout the scanner threw a fit and went invisible as well. It was reinstalled as well, while my DH cursed the electric company left and right. Bless his soul.
I was doing my share of coursing at 2:30 am when the last blackout happened, because all the small electronics like phone, smoke detectors and clocks felt the need to beep to let me know something was wrong -Even when they were off.

So, now that things are a bit more quiet, so far... I will show you my scanned images for the #JuneGuys Click to see larger.

If you want to practice making the male face, come on, join me! You can make as many as you want: 1, 4 or 400.  Any medium, size and age.
If you are in FB come and post them in the 29 faces page. And if you have no clue how to make one, but want to learn online with me, check my classes links!

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