October 9, 2007

Life's touching moments....

Today is my birthday.
I am thankful for all I have, all I am, for having such a great man for a husband, for all the people that love me, my wonderful children. One of them was even born on my same day 10 years ago, and gave me the pefect excuse to eat cake twice.

All I wanted was to have a peaceful quite day. Maybe try a couple of new projects/thechniques on the clay stuff I have been playing with... nothing too fancy. I have been frustrated for days because I am not getting the result I want.

Well, I ended up running late all stressed out since early in the morning dropping kids, hunting for teachers for unexpected last-minute-school-stuff and by the time I turned around it was mid morning.
My mom called and I thought it was time to sit and chat... start the "relaxing part" of my B-day.
Well not really... Someone was knocking down my door literally. It turned out the police were looking for some guy who gave MY address for his whatever information they had! Weird...
That got my little heart pumping.
Never had the police knocking at my door before.
It was particularly stressing, since I still had in my mind the picture of the Florida officer pepper-spraying the 15 year old girl (was in the video news couple of days ago).

I thought, heck, they do that to the young ones, what are they going to do to the.... mmmm.... not-quite-so-spring-chicken-ones ....? LOL

Well, after that episode, I kept talking to my mom for a while, hearing about some family member's problems... feeling a little homesick... missing my family...
sniff sniff... There were about 20 more calls from telemarketers who secretly decided to ALL call this day.
I decided to skip any art projects since my pulse was more like a maraca player, and I was not in a creative mood anymore, so there was no hope for it...

Later I went to have lunch with my daughter. We had a time frame before I had to take her back to school and I was getting hungry and kindof in a hurry.
As we were getting into the commercial center's parking lot, there was a line of cars so we had to stop.

And then we saw it.

One of life's touching moments: There was a couple of young people crossing the street. They moved slowly. Very slowly. One of them in a wheelchair. The other one, a youg man with a walking stick.

I looked again, just to realise he was blind. They were out for a walk, enjoying the beautiful day, smiling and talking, crossing the street.
The one that walked was blind. The friend in the wheelchair didn't seem to have much control of the arms either. But they were happy, enjoying the day.
It touched me.
I felt so blessed to see that no matter what, we can still enjoy the day.

All the stress and the hurry were gone.
I wanted to tell them I love them for being so brave, for finding a reason to smile and go out there, slowly, and face life as it comes.

I felt thankful for the gift of seeing them today. I will keep the image in my mind for a long time, and smile.

I still did not have any cake, but I am happy.

October 4, 2007

A fairy doll that flew away in a hurry

The past weekend I was uploading the little Fairy doll on etsy in the morning. That same day by mid-afternoon she was sold!
She's gone to Kansas to her new home.

That was a record for me.

One of the projects I have going on, is making 3D dolls of my niƱas, and of course my Fridas.
I have been surfing for tips and materials, as I want to make them more with more detail.

Also, for the 3 people that read my blog: what do you think of the new colors? I have been messing around with the html since last night, but unfortunately something happened to my sidebar! LOL It looks weird in the explorer! Seems fine in Firefox, so I don't know for sure if it was my doing, or the browser's.
oh, technology, gotta love it.....