January 30, 2014

Never give your microphone to the troll

I rarely make cartoons, but made this one today because it is the best way to say it:
Click to see larger image.
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January 25, 2014

Acrylic paints, Twinkling and Washi tape

Look at my new art goodies!


I haven't worked with watercolors in the longest time, because I like the acrylics characteristic that they are pretty firm on the paper and won't run after I'm finished, but this H2O's are so gorgeous I can't resist.... This is the Think Pink set. Expect images soon ;o)

I am also trying the Martha Stewart paints. They seem rich and creamy and obviously they are for small projects since they would be very expensive for a larger piece compared to the price and amount for a jar of other brands, but they will be fine for ACEOs or art journaling. One little thing I do not like much is the hole to dispense paint... too narrow! I know it will be clogged, but hey, we can always open the bottle right?
I selected very soft hues, unlike my typical strong screaming favorite colors haha

Oh and the washi tape! I had been resisting it for a long time. I even told Jane Coquillon I wasn't going to get any.... but they are so cute! I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, except taping envelops in a fancy way lol I don't want to cover them with paint, they are just too pretty!

And as per my resolutions and word of the year... I am working on a new class. Basic face in Color. For those that have taking the class, this is a continuation Part II of the Basic Face class, but can be taken independently. Not sure when I'll be done with taping and editing since 29 faces is around the corner and it gets really busy the first 2 weeks, but I'm actively working on it, and can't wait for the February Challenge! ♥

I hope everyone is safe in this crazy weather, some too cold, some too hot, here is was terribly windy for a couple of days up to 45 MPH and dusty.

Thanks for visiting and Keep creating!

January 24, 2014

Weekend animal cuteness

I have been writing, drawing, taping but not blogging. This is a page of the Traveling Art Journal in Sandra in AU's book:

And since I am in the mood for cute adorable animals I am posting pet cuteness just for fun, enjoy!

January 13, 2014

My word for the year

So, half way to the month and I finally have my word for the year. It should be like a monthly mantra (weekly! daily..?): Focus

For those that have been reading my blog for a while you know how I get into 5 projects at the same time, then I add a couple of more things with gusto. Like Snoopy tap dancing, lol...  But then after a few weeks things start to stretch a bit too much.

Well, Focus I will!
In my list of things to do, some of the items will be scratched out. Like doll making and  most likely the doll blog, which is still up and full of great tutorials, but will not be updating for a few months. I'm sure I will go to it again later on though, I love making dolls.

In the art department: As much as I love Encaustics, there is no time to play with it. I haven't been able to work and take pictures to post here, and my weather doesn't help much. It is either too hot to be playing with it, or too cold for me to enjoy painting outside. And when the weather is nice, I want to be out there going places ;o) Off the list.

I had already scratched off pastels for the same reason: weather and the fact that it has to be done outside or else have a mess indoors.

Avoiding laundry and dusting... What? Did I say that?

I want to concentrate more on making videos, classes and listing on my shop.
Of course the challenges are in the list! 29 faces is too much fun.
Finishing my art journal. Starting another one while taping each page, that will be perfect.


Can you tell I have Spring colors in my mind?

I'm uploading a video shortly, keep an eye over here  (✿◠‿◠)

January 9, 2014

Accidentally deleted Google Page in Youtube

This is a tutorial on how to recover the Google page attached to the YouTube channel.

Google has been making users have a page, but they have a glitch where when the user declines, and later another window pops to accept to get a page again, it makes a new google page for the same channel. It is very common to have 4 or 5 pages with the same name, unknowingly.

Then of course you have to see them in the menu now that you have to use the google page for the channel.

Well, there is a way to get rid of those pages, unfortunately, if you are not sure of what you are doing, you can end up deleting the one page attached to your channel and all it's contents (favorites, history, subscriptions and lists). That is a nightmare.

But, there is a way to recover, kind of hidden, that's why I am showing this tutorial, to help distribute the information and help recover the page and the youtube channel.

Here is the information:

How to delete extra Google pages in a youtube channel-
It has to be done very carefully, as it is really easy to delete the wrong thing!

It is very nicely explained, but the problem is that all those extra pages have the same name, making people accidentally delete the one page that contains all the settings and lists for the channel admin. I did that myself and was so frustrated!

If you delete the wrong page, there's still a chance. It has to be done as soon as possible preferably within the first 12 hours so it doesn't get completely deleted from their servers. At that point, it will not be recoverable.
Click image to enlarge.

Here is how to recover the page: Follow the link and select "I don't know my password". Yes, sounds tricky, but it worked for me. You will need your user name and or the email you use for the youtube channel:


 If things go right, you should end in the google page asking you for extra information for safety. You decide what information you give.
If you get an error page saying "This account was deleted and is no longer recoverable" then you lost all your information.

At that point, you can see if you still have the videos and restart a new channel.

For any other youtube help, follow this link: (it might change URL overtime. It took me hours to find a way to save my own accidentally deleted G page, following many broken links)


I hope it helps. I know it is very shocking and frustrating to have that happen. Please share this post, hopefully it will save someone from fainting.

January 7, 2014

The last seven days...

OK, happy new year! So far I have been so involved in art organizing and doing art that I didn't feel the time running by without a post in my little blog!

Here is a fast update:

* I have been painting. A lot. I have been gelli-printing like a maniac too. It is getting scary lol Nice contrast for last month that I couldn't do much of anything. Expect lots of images as soon as I can scan!

* Also, Soul Food Class started and it is awesome! Lesson 3 is happening right now, and 4th is a couple of days. yes, there's still time to join! 39 lessons =  yuminess

Linking to the gelli party

 * Talking about yumminess, I had  a delicious Rosca for the Three Kings day, the Epiphany celebration. I went to get it in time, there was only one left   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And of course I got the little plastic baby in it...

 * I organized a wonderful Traveling Journal group, one journal each a month so we will have 12 books going on, through the year.

These are the participants:

, and

Dawn Myler

 * The 29 faces challenge is starting in a couple of weeks! Grab the button and share the joy ♥ (button coming up shortly)

Sorry for all the people in the north having the nasty cold weather! We are having nice warmish days (late 60s-early 70's) that I hope will not mean another summer of 110 daily for us (๏_๏)