September 13, 2021

Gelatin printing AND Art Foamies!

I love gelatin printing and I love stamps! Today's project is a lot of fun and super relaxing!
Grab your deli paper HERE
Print or add layers to old printed paper. Watch me printing in this video HERE

Then select a shape, any shape you like or something that matches the celebration of the month (Easter bunny, Christmas tree, Hearts, flowers etc)

Grab your Art Foamies,  In this case I am using an alphabet from Balzer Designs and I love it!

Once you select what mono-printed paper you want, make your "mask out of a sturdy paper. I used a folder paper from the dollar store!

Pick a color, roll it on your gel plate, make marks as extra texture then place your paper with your mask on it to create a "negative space" print and...

Add your Art Foamies Stamps!
I wanted the word Sparkle, but you can personalize with any favorite word!

If you are not into gelatin printing (yet!) then simply paint  your shape and have fun with the Art Foamies stamping!

Watch the video HERE and let me know what you think!