March 29, 2009

Website's new look, and baby elf WIP

Last night, somewhere close to midnight, after months and months of working off and on in the updating of my website, I finally finished. HERE is the old look I posted months ago.
And HERE is the new look which includes dolls, WIPs, ACEOs, paintings, cool links on tutorials and how-to on all the stuff I love. Unfortunately I lost all my page hits and counter in the process... oh well....
I hope you can visit and enjoy it. As hard as it was for me to settle into one style, it was a lot of fun and I am glad I am done.... for a good while anyway! All the updates will still be here in the blog, but there's one thing missing... items in my store and auctions!! lol
Here's a new baby elf I am playing with. She still needs her hair, but she has not told me yet if she likes purple or yellow better. :o)

March 23, 2009

Stuffy noses, Spring, and a Raffle

It's been 3 long weeks of sick people here in the house. They took their turns one after another and of course I was the selected, reluctant nurse lol
I still have circles under my eyes, but the good thing is that miraculously I did not get sick.
We are having the most appreciated spring weather around here. I am so happy! some needed rain, cool breeze and sunshine! I was missing the sunlight so much.
And along with Spring came the great news I won a raffle from one of my doll groups. I was SOOO thrilled! I got the sweetest ladybug, made by my friend LaDonna ID clayconnection59 on ebay.
Just look at her, I love it!!