March 30, 2011

Silly kitty

I like posting often, but I have been distracted, busy and dealing with silly stuff.
Here's a kitty for anyone dealing with distracting, busy and silly things that take the fun out of the day:

Isn't it the cutest thing? Maybe he should deal with my postings, what do you think??

I'm finishing the visiting touring baby, and waiting for the next dolly to visit :oD

March 25, 2011

Chasing the time

I have been running around trying to finish some projects and never enough time to make a blog post. Had a complication with another project that I won't get in to just now... Just enough time for a quick twitt sometimes :oP

Well, the news are, I am done with the three-part painting. What the heck is that, you will think LoL Well, it's another of the Gut Art collaborative projects that I had no time to blog about before, but here are some close ups. (Note, I did not paint them, just added texture to them)

Added heavy body medium and brown for 3D effect

Painted a coat of crackle medium and antiquing

Added a cloud and more yellow to the birds
The painting I started is still somewhere in the other side of the planet... haven't seen what's added to it recently, but it had a house and a train last time I saw it, very surrealistic and fun.

It's Friday!  Keep creating  :o)

March 17, 2011


Look at this wonderful video of Geahk Burchill. Such cool marionettes!

Makes me almost want to go find my wood carving tools, if it wasn't painful in my lil' thumbs.
Well I hope everyone is having a nice St. Patrick day!

March 16, 2011

How not to take pictures

I am delighted to announce the birth of  Timmy. He is a tiny 5 inch polymer baby, and he will go places playing the touring baby blog with a mouse, a piggy, a frog, and another baby.
This is a WIP picture before curing the clay:

Taking pictures of your dolls is a whole different art. It requires creativity, and some camera knowledge. I don't  claim to be an expert at all, but I know what not to do ;o)
As I was taking pictures of this polymer baby, I came across all the problems in the book: bad  lighting, shadows, bad angles, weird background... and also an unwanted visitor (aka Panzón) and decided after several "photo bombs" that I needed to post them in the blog. Here you go:

Baby looking in the wrong direction.

Weird lighting and shadows. Needs cropping.

Light is too sharp . Goofy cat in background.

Total fiasco. Bad shadows, blurry. Photo bomb cat.

I cropped the best picture of the session, and this is the result:

I'll go pack him to go to his 5 States tour. Ta ta for now!

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March 14, 2011

Traveling doll from the BBQs (how to add eyes)


Little Madga is such a funny girl! The first thing she said when she came to visit me was “Are the lights out?” I thought she was kidding, but then I realized she still didn’t have eyes! So I told her it was a sunny day, and she was soon to see it. We found a nice pair of glass eyes and after getting Emily’s OK, we removed her eyelashes and started to work on her face. To see this is the tutorial please visit my doll blog HERE 

March 8, 2011

Make Tacos not War

I couldn't stop myself from using that title... I read it couple of days ago in a magazine. It is written in a sign made by a San Antonio based artist named Alejandro Diaz :o) I should make a sign like that for my kids when they start arguing! Actually, my sign will say : "Make tacos, not drama" LoL

Or one for me: "Make Art not Tacos"? But I know my husband will change it for "Make dinner, not art"
:oD   Oh well... as long as we have enough cardboard!

Which reminds me, in other news, the polka dotted lady that I was to paint, is gone but here's a snap of how she looked. The elments I added were cardboard wings in lavender color, highlights all over and the word "inspired" in gold. I am waiting for the next painting to arrive from NY.

Have fun creating!
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March 1, 2011

Better than a party!

Yesterday I had an asweome gathering: 2 dolls and one painting showed up for me to play with!
Remember all the stuff I had happening at the same time? well, this is the results:

A wooden doll from Jan in TX (My Eager Eagles Team)

This is Wren and she is expecting a baby!

A half started doll from Emily in Utah (My BBQs Team)

Panzón is giving Madga a nice welcome.

And this beautiful lady from the Gut Art collaborative team. I'm going to work on this painting tomorrow and show you the progress!

The colors are much nicer in person, my scanner can't capture it.

Plus, we started the Traveling doll blog too! HERE is my doll going to Jenna in OH