January 31, 2013

Are you ready?

Yaaay! Tomorrow we start the 29 faces challenge! Are you ready?

Just in case you are new to it, or missed the links, here you go:
Click HERE for the 29 faces new blog
Click HERE for the FB page and HERE for the FB Group.
Follow the directions HERE so you have the Linky posted the right way (all your post of the challenge showing from one link)

Work on anything you have been afraid before! Grab those markers you have been thinking of using... Fabric? Clay? yes! Rocks too; Digital app? Why not?
Splash paint on that new canvas, don't be afraid of it!
Play with collage and that paper you have been storing;
Get the charcoal, pastels or fancy paint you have been stressing about.
Don't let one single goody in your art drawer alone in a corner. ;oD  

...And it is OK if you can't finish in one day!

Just do it! There will be literally dozens -and dozens- of people keeping you company and flying along with you! Plus it is so much fun to see the work of others and discover new blogs from all over the world ♥

See you tomorrow!!!

January 29, 2013

The coast

Over the past weekend we had a short trip to the coast. It was rainy and gray over here, but sunny and dry over there. A bit too windy to really walk on the sand, but nice enough to enjoy the shops and an art event they had. It was a lot of fun. Xo)
I took some photos: (Don't forget to click on the page brake to see more images)

Oh! and in case you are participating on the 29 faces challenge, visit the new blog I made for it! HERE ...we are just a few days away!!!

January 21, 2013

And the winner is...

We have a winner!
Congrats to post number 7, JKW in Florida! Thank you ALL for participating!!
Welcome new readers, and get ready for the challenge coming this February, it will be 29 faces even if the month has 28 days ;oD

January 17, 2013

Movies and art

We went to see the movie Les Miserables couple of weeks ago, and we liked it, but I wish I had known more about the scene when Fantine's life turned even worse, because it was not something to watch comfortably with my kid. I know, many movies have worse, including the TV, but I filter a lot :o)
Anyway: tear jerker as expected, visually fantastic, musically fine.

So, my daughter was inspired to create this artwork:

This, made the film better for me.... I am so proud of her  (◠‿◠)✌

Did you check my Giveaway? It's only days away!

January 10, 2013

First post of 2013 & Giveaway!

So, 10 days into the new year I finally come to post. I have been feeling a bit blue, a bit busy a bit lazy... and frankly uninspired. Blame the gray ugly skies, but whatever the reason (and in my mind I have plenty....) I have been MIA.

Well, let's do something fun!

For starters, I have 25% off in my Etsy shop, all ACEO art (no dolls) HERE by typing code ACEO25OFF valid till next Monday.

Also, are you getting ready for the 29 faces challenge? Remember:  Any size, medium, technique... Any level of experience, style or stage of progress! If you can't finish, yes, you can post your face half way done!
This is mainly a blog challenge, (Any kind of blog, blogspot, wordpress,  tumblr welcome too!) But we have a FB group as well.

I am currently working on the blog-button  so keep an eye in the next weeks for it to be ready to be grabbed for your blogies! 21 more days!

And last but not least... a Giveaway! A colorful replica ofModigliani made by me, remember her? Big 12 x 16 in size. Any place in the world! (But you might have to pay customs depending on your country) 

What do you have to do to play?......
     *Please indicate in a post here that you want it. ;o)
     *and/or  Like my FB page HERE
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     *and/or  blog about it too with a link to this post :o)
Plus.... you could follow my blog if you have not done so already! ♥ Let me know if you are already a blog friend, that's an extra entry just to be an ol'buddy :o)

Each option is an entry, so make sure you come back and tell me to add your name more times! The 20th of January I will pick a winner, and if there are a lot of participants I will add another goodie to offer ♥

    Thanks for visiting and see you soon!