May 27, 2015

Updates in May

Well... so many things have been going on! Where do i start?

Graduation time... sniff sniff, my younger one finished high school... and it required 100 errands and award ceremonies. Why don't they make all into one? Maybe because they do not want all their audience in a comma by the time they finish... I guess it is better to have them divided in separate interests I suppose...

I have been taping, editing etc a class, plus one that is back at U-thrive yaay!

Also I started to use more the instagram, which is easier to click an image and post from there.... I still love the blog more but it requires me to sit, think, type something more or less cohesive lol and transfer my said clicked images into the computer.
In general, I have been spending less time online, and more time painting.

Anyway, here is a picture of what's on my desk at the moment. One of my art journals, and the beginnings of some tiny dolls: ♥

Excuse my messy desk. I wanted to participate in the 6th anniversary of WOYWW What's on your work desk Wednesday: Congrats! I have participated in the past, always interesting!
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May 10, 2015

Visiting the Getty

Happy mother's day!

I love the Getty Museum. Not only you see tons of art, you also have the chance of feel their great weather up there. So we went for mother's day. Great gift for me, to spend the whole day there, having lunch, taking pictures, enjoying the weather and visiting the 4 buildings ♥

These beautiful orchids were part of my day too. Gift from my DH.

One of their changing exhibit included 3 drawings by Klimt, and one painting by Alphonse Mucha, along with many others, but those were my favorites.  Photography in those rooms is not allowed, but I found some pictures online.
Click on this image to go read an article about it.