May 28, 2014

My old paintings need new homes.

Some artists destroy their old work, their rejects or what they no longer "feel", as we all change styles over time.That's fine for those that can do it.... I can't.

Even if I'm not that style anymore, it is something I felt, something that inspired me and made me grow, and something that one person somehow still can relate to.

I'm going to say good bye to some paintings to new homes. If you have read my blog before, you know I have been into every media, so there's a bit of everything. Some are framed too, ready to hang.
Please help me spread the message! If you think a friend of yours might like to see, share this post ♥ I ask for shipping costs -or frames- via paypal.

Here are the paintings, by medium.Click to see larger.  Post here or email me in private.

24x18 inches - Pastels, double matted and in clear bag: (Because of the risk of mailing pastels too far away, I rather have these shipped to US address only!)
1- Bird of paradise     2- Woman with baby by Calla lili.   3- Pottery 

16x20 Oils, framed: Make me an offer, plus shipping. Click to see large
 1-Woman with blue eyes. (not available anymore!)
2- Frida inspired woman  
 3-Woman in Purple (not available anymore!)

For Watercolors, matted and in clear bag and Framed Acrylics click HERE.
I made another post so the images load faster.

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My watercolors need new homes

This is the part 2 of my offerings.  Click HERE to see pastels and Oils.
These old world/folk style Watercolors and also framed acrylics need a new home. Make me an offer plus shipping (the amount depends on where it will go).The colors are a bit off in my photos. If you know of a friend that would like to get one of these, please let them know, help me spread the world? :oD   ♥
*email me in private. I take paypal. They fit a 16x20 frame.

1- Old arch   2- Margarita by the chair
3-Old window with flowers    4- From outside the window

These framed Acrylics were actually for a show with a tropical theme, that unfortunately had lots of tropical rain that weekend and hardly anyone showed up for it, oh the irony!... but the colors are very happy and the frames are very nice.
Make me an offer and add shipping to it. (I will know shipping when I know the location)

1- Girl with calla Lilli   2- Shy behind the plants

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May 20, 2014

Etsy changes and sale code

Some people knew about it months ago, some had no clue, and some like me, had it changed and asked for our opinion after the fact. What? The Etsy new look, which is basically the removal of the banner and relocation of info around the page.
Do I like it? No. Does it help people? Not really.
But.... I already told them in their survey. Lets see what happens.

Meanwhile, I have a 40% off sale in my shop. I need to refresh my mojo to create more ACEO and this is a fun way (-'‿'-)
So, visit my shop HERE and use code:  WOW40OFF
The offer is active till the end of the month. See you there!

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May 17, 2014

2 weeks to start June Guys

I am running again the June Guys challenge, for the month of, well, June! :oD
Here is a blog button for those that like to join. This is the 3rd year that it'd been going on ♥

It is not as demanding a challenge as the 29 faces, we just take is as far as we each want or need to practice, so if all you can do is 1 a week, that's fine. Most people typically do the female face, myself included, only that once in a while we all need to sharpen our skills right?

If you my dear reader need any help, please click on my tag or HERE to see tips on how to do it, in case you need it.
The male face can be difficult bet a great fun to draw!
Mark your calendar to join in, and remember: any number of pieces, any media is welcome, and if you have no problem making this type of face, try changing the age of the model, challenge yourself to make a wrinkled man, or a chubby baby boy. Adapt the challenge to your own needs and have fun!

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May 10, 2014

Another video!

I was just going to paint the page in Manon's book, but decided to tape it as well. I have to say it is one of the fastest videos I ever made, mostly because I am not talking and I did not add a lot of titles.
I think the mermaid turned out cute ♥

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May 4, 2014

New video! Art journaling book

I edited a visual update on my art journaling. You can leave a message here or in my channel. I hope you click "Like" and subscribe if you haven't done so yet!

If you have requests or ideas for a new video, let me know!

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May 1, 2014

Work from a couple of months ago...

All these sketches were done for a quick month activity in March, in my FB group. Human body based in photos or the style of the classics. Or, anything people wanted to practice, the whole point was to make the human body and as always I keep it PG13, but if you don't care for partial nudity then skip this post specially past the post brake.
I'm just being overly cautious, I want to keep my blog family oriented   ( -‿- )✌

So, here we go, based on Picasso these fun line art:


And more realistic after the page brake...