September 18, 2006

Is fall really around the corner?

So what I have been up to lately?
I participated in a local art show. Had my kids' first communions with their respective run-like-crazy-find-the-right-outfit-get-the-party-ready-and-buy-a-pinata rush. Had family visiting from out of the country (too short time though). Managed to hurt a foot so bad, I couldn't do anything but complain for months (poor husband). Spent a fortune on doctors and tests (really poor husband). Took the kids to 194 different kinds of summer lessons (maybe not quite so many, but my foot gave me a different feeling). Got the children's school supplies, got them ready for school and, after a big *sigh* I finally felt a need to draw/paint/create again.
And now they tell me summer is almost gone and fall is coming???

What the heck happened to my summer!?
And more importantly: What the heck happened to my summer!? Oh, never mind. I'm I repeating myself again? ;oD