August 30, 2010

Is it that time of the year already....?

One kid sick with a stuffy nose and fever... gosh! it isn't even cold yet! Fall weather doesn't get here till December, usually :oP just kidding, we can get horrible fog any time after October.
Oh well, let's talk about art, shall we?
I just finished some details on this girl and I am very happy with it:

The Maguey leaves (are they called leaves too, in this kind of a plant?) have a lot of detail ans layers :o)
I just learned is called "Century plant" in English, thanks to Wikipedia :oP

Time to do some more art!

August 28, 2010

Three Divas on canvas

The title reminded me of the three tenors, but these are painted Divas. Of course one of them is Friida K!
Acrylics on 5x7 canvas board, and with a little bit of impasto look. Sometimes when I start on canvas with a lot of texture, it scares me to death! I was so sure I would never finish each of them! I really had to go with the brush to cover the surface, but I am happy with the result, specially with the half nude in blues and greens, since the poor lady was in progress for so many months hehehe The other 2 were a paint till you are done kind of art.

So, here are the pictures. Will go to ebay for a very low starting price, just for fun.

Red haired Diva:

Half nude Lady:

Frida in the night:

Let me know what you think! I need  to hear feedback to keep going on that direction. I will keep painting my little girls, those are addictive to me! But I want to start painting a little bigger size again, too.
What do you all think?

August 25, 2010

Last days of summer vacation

The past week went in a rush like in a blur.  We have been doing tons of things, being the last week of vacation, then the first week of back to school. I started this post several times and it never got published so here I am, editing it one more time now that I have internet service again... I won't even go into the broken pipe in the front yard or any of the variety of household situations.... all I say is, I'm back and I want cake!! :oP

Talking about cake, today, 16 years ago, I became a mother for the first time, to a cute and noisy baby, who has turned into a tall young man, with a wonderful heart. And, who is going to share his cake with me if I stop talking about him...  He's still noisy :o)

And in other news, we are being part of a challenge! Please vote for Andie and her art HERE she has 3 ACEO cards in there.
These are some of the paintings  I've been working on:

OK, time to hit the publish button!

August 18, 2010

Victoria's story

Victoria is a doll made by DellaRae Dezigns, in Florida. She traveled to the UK to get painted by jasmoon-butterfly, and also got fabulous hair and fancy shoes. Then she came to visit me in California, and now is donning a cute dress and an even cuter hat. Oh, and she has a new friend... read all about it, this is the story I made for her:

After all her new mystical experiences, and learning about her gift back in England, she couldn’t wait to tell the whole world, and share all the magic she had in her… climbed up in a boat to cross the oceans and went the long way to far away lands…. The boat was old, creaky and a bit lonely. To pass the time Victoria started to whistle. Then she whistled some more.
After days became weeks of being on the boat alone and whistling she pretty much forgot how to talk, and all she could do was to whistle, so whistle she did. She whistled in the morning and she whistled in the evenings. She whistled when she was bored, happy or sad.
Finally after a long time, her boat arrived in California and she walked until she found a crowded place.
Once she found where tons of people would gather, Victoria decided to have a seat and share her gift.
So, she whistled.

People would come from far away to see the intriguing red haired whistling-beauty, and amongst the crowd was a rabid, ill tempered, little pooch, who people avoided at all costs. Even the dog catchers!
But the moment the dog heard that captivating whistling she was smitten.

The doggy wanted to be friends with Victoria, thus she began to dance and clap her muddy paws at the bit of the whistling. Unfortunately, no matter the amount of cuteness or sweetness this dog showed, people would not forgive her past actions (stealing pies, candy, even dentures!) However Victoria could see the beauty behind the teeth; plus she wanted a new show for her circus act. She called her Priscilla and gave her big red bows.

Not a single person would walk away without a smile after listening to Victoria and her new dog Priscilla. After a while she was a bit homesick so she took a plane to visit her folks back in Florida. She was changed, she was famous and she had a mission. She wanted to make her friends back in Florida happy.
Plus she wanted to show off her dancing puppy and her new dress.

The End

August 16, 2010

And the winners are....

It took me forever to make the video, the program kept freezing on me, but anyway, here we are!

Congratulations ladies! Jane Campbell, Joanna Thomas and Duendes! I will go visit you to get your address to mail your paintings! :oD
Jane Campbell, Joanna Thomas and Duendes

August 14, 2010

Awesome Saturday!

I had great awesome things waiting for me in the mail box... Guess who is back?? Luna!

Little green Luna came back home with lots of treasures and her journal full of mementos and her traveling story:
Here's with Victoria, who will be traveling back to Florida on Monday!

For those new readers that don't know who Luna is, click HERE to see the beginning of her travels, also HERE for more and HERE too. Thanks Jasmoon-Butterfly and DellaRae Dezines!

August 12, 2010

August 11, 2010

Change of Avatar and New ACEO

Well, after giving it much thought, I finally decided to start a new year with a different blog avatar. I didn't want to change it because I like the painting I have been using for 5 years, but at the same time, I want to use the same avatar and banner as much as possible.
So here it goes, the old icon and the new one, which I have already uploaded in other sites.

And also, I want to show this WIP picture of my new girls, in different stages of being painted:

I can finally say, after 4 years of sculpting dolls in different styles and materials, I am narrowing into just a couple of different ways of doing things, but it's been a long ride.... there is simply too much to learn and so many different styles and techniques yet to try!
All of this started with my idea of making a 3D representation of my little paintings of girls, and see where it took me! :oD

So hopefully, soon you will see a doll looking closer to my  girl paintings, something that I was not able to do before, and sounds easier than what it really is LoL

Well, in any case, I have been having so much fun painting again! I hope my joy shows
Don't forget to I have a giveaway in my past posting HERE! Ends the 15th

August 8, 2010

Blog anniversary Giveaway!

Wow... it's been 5 years that I started this blog! Thanks so much for the people that come here to read my posts, for the ones that come often and the those that come once a year. For those that comment, and those that are shy to do it, still makes me happy to see people visiting and hopefully having fun to read my blog.

So, in celebration, I am having this giveaway:
One 5x7 acrylic on canvas board painting titled "Sometimes..."
And two ACEO mini paintings "Sign of love" and "Woman and kitty"

That means three readers will have something in the mail if they are randomly selected the 15th of August.
Any country can participate!

Post a comment here to add your name to the giveaway, and if you blog about this giveaway let me know (in a different comment) so you have 2 chances to participate!

August 2, 2010

Frida Celebration -part Two

Here are more inspired Fridas creations, for the ADO mini challenge of July.
See the first post for more ADO Frida dolls HERE

My doll is finished and I am particularly proud, because seems like I can't ever finish a challenge in time!
Here are some pictures:

Click on the links at each picture to see more of each doll maker!
Some cool costumes:

 A pretty sculpted bust:

A little deer by Evelyn:

August 1, 2010

ACETSY challenge

These are some ACEO we made for the ACETSY challenge, the theme is.... balloons!

Happy Baloons
Scruffie and balloons

Red balloon

Kitty and his yellow balloon