January 1, 2018

Word of the year 2018

Word of the year... should you get one? Do we need one?
Same as "new year's goals" if it will be hard to reach, if you are not already in the path towards the goals... you will fail and it will make things worse.
I like to keep things simple even if life keeps throwing complications. I am in the path of keeping baby steps in the direction I love, which is art, sharing art and.... finishing the kitchen renovations!!
My word for this year is: (roll drums!) Magic.

We all need magic in our lives, and it requires a lot of it sometimes, just to keep going!
I want to use my own magic to create more art, more videos and I want to wish you to find your own magic. You have it inside!

The best for you in 2018! Lots of Magic, Pixie dust and Glitter! (vacuum cleaner included) lol

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