March 31, 2014

FITW in April!

I'm quickly organizing another round of FITW (Face in the World) For April... well, it takes longer than a month, and most likely it will take me still a couple of days to set the teams and all... but that's the project for right now. The group is in FB But if you want in, and you are a friend... you don't have to be there, just let me know ♥
So exiting! Here is a button if you like it for your blog:

I think it is the 5th or 6th time I run it... lost track! So the button is not going to have a number anymore, sorry lol
We have friends in England, Canada, Germany, Australia, US....

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March 30, 2014

Quick update

This is how the my page in this traveling journal ended up. I just forgot to post it, so I am backtracking and showing :oD I think she turned out cute with her little crown ♥

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March 27, 2014

TAP is here!

I got in the mail the Traveling Art Painting! Started by Joyce in New Zealand, worked on already by 2 more artists, and will keep traveling all over the place for the rest of the year... See how pretty it is?

It doesn't have a "right side" so far... lets see what I can add to it in the weeks that will stay visiting me ♥

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March 26, 2014

WIP traveling art journal page

This is the next step for the journal page I am working on.
I think the background colors are so sweet!

Now to paint the skin, hair, dress, crown~ text!

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March 25, 2014

Networks semi rant

Last time I posted about networks, there were over 200 sites that offer contacts, advertisment, fun and news, all rolled into one. Or more like 2 hundred :oP
Some are better established than others, some are really addictive at least for a while, and some are spammy.
I want to talk about LinkdIn, which I do not belong to, and do not want to either.
My DH was invited by a friend a couple of years ago, and he added a few former co-workers and contacts but more than anything, he got invitations to more places, more contacts and general spam.

Just by seeing what he went through I decided I didn't want to be there.... but then something funky happened... I started to get several invitations from them too! Still get at least one every couple of weeks! From their site, and from friends that I'm sure did not intend to send me invitations and from complete strangers. Huh?
Plus I have seen that other people I know are annoyed by that spam. Many if not all people I know that joined, have regretted it, and have left, just to keep getting spam, invitations and more spam. Be careful if you think of join.
However, there has to be people that find it convenient or useful. Same for "grouply"  for their coupons, but I never liked it either.

I personally just yesterday decided to make a filter in my email to direct those emails go to the trash folder.
Anything that sends useless constant daily junk, is not my cup of tea.

Which reminds me.... I am not too happy with my email either; it filters ok, but they have changed the format 3 times just this year!
I have tried  many free and paid emails, and I guess I am too picky if I spend too much time on something, so I let it go. The provider email doesn't work for me, because we have changed too many times of providers and cities, so it is best for us one that we can access anywhere, separate from provider. But then they started to get creative and greedy and messed up what I liked. I know I am not alone because when you look for help online, there are pages and pages of people complaining. :oP
But that's another topic.

Do you have a favorite network? or one that you hate? ;o)

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March 23, 2014

Not sure if I'd pass this test...

I will start my post by telling you all something sad.
I started the subscriptions for my blog and then never came to post... silly right?
Well, the thing is, our dear and lovable Guinea Pig pet died. Four years of cuddles and joy ended, and we were all too sad.

Also I had like a funny freckle spot in my face frozen, due to too much sun and I was told to avoid sun exposure. Hard to do when you live in the desert... but I always do my best.
That ended in a blister by my cheek, it's mending now, but it was not really inspiring to post or paint.

There was also an uncomfortable situation in one of my FB art groups, with a person  that took me by surprise with a harsh criticism delivered publicly and privately, [ಠ_ಠ] I should not even give it the time of day, but sometimes some comments bother, hurt, annoy.
The sum of all that kept me from feeling creative.

Anyway, I'm here, in a better mood, and hopefully posting something interesting and fun to see.

Here is a page I am making for the Traveling Journal, from Beth's book, I hope she likes it! Her theme is all childhood things:

This one is for my friend Stacy :oD  I don't really know if I would pass the puzzle test ha! That does not sound like a logic thing to me, but yay for the crow!

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March 12, 2014

More journal pages!

I like how different these two pages are. I prefer not to write in my art journal, maybe a word here and there, that is me personal preference maybe because of I am so used to paint and not to journal, but I can see a happy word on the purple page.


Thanks for visiting!

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March 10, 2014

Some of my finished pages

Here we go:


I love the color in the left image, and the one in the right surprised me because I was aiming for a Roman statue style face and this lady showed up lol

Do you get surprising endings or do you start with no particular image in mind?

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March 7, 2014

More finished pieces

....Or are they? ;o)
Maybe I can still add something else later to these journal pages.


I like the background on the lady on the left side, so I don't plan to change it, maybe the flowers a bit.
And the little girl, well, she needs something else. It is too "cold" with so much green going on, so I'm thinking collage and after that I will see if I add to the background as well.

Do you like using green on the faces? Besides eye color that is ;o)

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I'm sharing this with Manon's  Paper Saturday

March 5, 2014


I created a subscription link, so you can get my blog in your email, once a week.
You will get  some weeks one little post, or seven posts in ONE weekly newsletter during the art challenge months.
Sounds interesting? Click and join in the sidebar. No problem, I have no interest in ever sharing your email address, and I only send automatic weekly updates. Nothing else. Not even chocolate ;o)
 If you see this with your cellphone, you will have to find the link "see as website" so you can actually see the sidebar and top menu to subscribe.

this is a sample image

In other news, I am scanning all my finished pieces after the 29 faces, I will start posting tomorrow!

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March 1, 2014

March and more art

To start a new month I have a new piece. A woman with a crow, in my journal:

And these are all my faces:

I will take a little brake from blogging and hopefully I will catch up in all the other ideas I have floating in my mind. See you in a few days!

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