March 27, 2013

See what I got!

I won Patty Paterno's giveaway and I received this ACEO in the mail, I love it!

Are you painting something?
Update: This is what's on my table at the moment:

March 21, 2013

Listing ACEO

Spring is here! Click to see: (I couldn't resist)

It was such a pretty day yesterday. we had a bit of rain, it cooled the weather that had been unusually hot; we had almost 90 and it still was Winter. Don't want to imagine how hot the Summer will be :oP
Anyway, I will list also two Spring ladies, and add them to Pam's blog challenge :oD
"Bird on her hat" and "Ladybugs in he hair" click image to see listings.


...and a Frida coming on soon :oD

March 20, 2013

There it goes!

I mailed my "started piece" for "Face in the World" to Manon in the UK. She will do whatever she wants to it and ship it to the next person... I can't wait to see how it changes under the creative hands of my team!! ♥


My scanner is acting up, not sure what it is, but the colors are not so dramatic and they paper and blue are more closer in tones.

Awesome people in my team: (we are Team #3)
Regan Tomlin - MI, US
Marji Waller Thompson - WA, US
Sandra Sherman - AU
me! - CA, US
Manon Visser - UK

The other awesome groups:
Beth Gould - PA, US
Ilona Heimböckel - Germany
Audrey Breed - TN,US
Milo Wylde Chin- CA, US
Jackie Nicols - TX

Trish Nonaka - NC, US
Renee Stien - MN, US
Selva Briceño-Casas- TX, US
Penny Stewart- CA, US
Lizzy Love- CANADA

TEAM #4 (Domestic US)
Lauri Crowe - MI
Heather Santos - IL
Cherie Balowski - MI
Joy Redington - OR
Catherine Bakos-Snowden - CO

March 19, 2013

Face in the World

After doing the 29 faces challenge, many people were sad to see the end, so as a last minute I came up with an even crazier idea lol
I giuess some people call it Round-robin, other call it collaborations. You get the idea.
I called this "Face in the World".
Make one face among a group of people, but several groups going at the same time. FOr this occasion I only have past participants of the 29 faces. 5 people per team, 3 International teams and 1 US domestic.
The started original piece has to be no larger than 8x10 and no smaller than 5x7.
 Any compatible media, any style, but it has to have a face on it, and has to be shipped to the next team member after a week of landing in our hands.

Watch the fun as it develops!!

March 15, 2013

Old looking little journal

I made a very quick "Art journal" to call it one way..... It is mostly a simple set of pages, antiqued and stapled together -which I think it is the wrong thing to do for an "antique" look, but I didn't feel like learning to thread in a hurry and it was a last minute thing to do for my Traveling doll, which started today. I mailed my unfinished doll to be completed by my team members and this book to make some notes. ♥
So, here are the images:


A detail of the edges. I have to say, I am very happy the way it turned out!

Thanks for visiting!

March 14, 2013


I just got in the mail my beautiful giveaway painting from Diane Salter... it is SO awesome!
Look at the picture, it doesn't do it justice, it is so vibrant in person! Thanks Diane! I love it!! (≧◡≦) yaaay!

I am working on 3 ACEOs for the fun challenge Pam (Always artistic)  has at this blog HERE
Nope... you are not going to see any images just yet ;oD 
You will have to wait a bit.... But it is about spring!

March 11, 2013

What can I say?

Wow... I can't believe so many days have past from my last post! I have been painting a little, but I have not been posting.
I went to visit all the blogs in the29 faces Linky.... it was a big job, but so wonderful and enjoyable!
I invite everyone to do the same, HERE .

We went out over the weekend but forgot my camera, so not even a little image to show of out drive and the sunny day. According to the weather forecast, we will be reaching 90 by Thursday.... too early for that heat! But then again, when is the weather forecast right? :oD

I am working on this journal page. I know there is a face in there, I just need to sit and paint it ♥

March 7, 2013

Lavender hair

Here's another ACEO of a diva with lavender hair. Click to see the listing:


Click to visit the listing, but this is one of those blessed events where I list and it sells fast, thanks! ♥ :oD
Are you keeping your pencils busy? Is your paint brush wet? Keep it going!

March 6, 2013

ACEOs and duties

For the past few days I was on call for Jury Duty. It is a long but interesting procedure, for those that are not familiar with it, and people go there with a mix of dread and interest, for the most part. I was not selected, so I felt a little sad, but here I am with the art work I did at night:

Somehow I think these will be called The three Graces. The third one will be posted tomorrow. Click to see them in Etsy


Thanks for visiting!

March 3, 2013

One more for the weekend

I'm kind of liking this style, quite different from my usual! This is a bunch of layers less than what I am used to, before I feel it's done. Unless I am working on watercolor-like, then I do things very differently.
Not sure if I could do it in ACEO size but I will try :oD

I am including this one in the last day of the "10 day painting" from Jane Desrosier of Gritty Arts.

March 2, 2013

It is hard to stop

After all the days of the challenge, I find it now hard to stop. I am enjoying the lose brush finish in this series of paintings!
I am calling this one "Flamenco dancer"

Somehow it reminded me of the video of "Boy with a coin" from Iron and Wine:

I hope you are having a great weekend!