September 13, 2005

Madonnas & Witches

I had the need to create something more traditional for a change. I went to draw several Madonnas with angels in the base, looking like wood carvings. The kind of Mexican wood carvings I like so much.
I painted a few Madonnas art cards and by today they all are sold.
I am working on some witches too since Halloween is coming. What a combo... Madonnas and Witches!

I was talking with an artist who makes tons of wild animals. I love her art!
That inspired me to make my own little wild animal.

As much as I love painting my little divas, I had to make one a little bigger in a 4x6 inches canvas, so there she is, in the wild, hugging a tapir.
I am also working on other canvas although I find myself making sad faces. After reading so much bad weather news, many of my paintings had a sad face.

I'll work on smiles next :)

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