May 20, 2008

ACEO artists and collectors, your attention please...

You love art cards? Do you collect ACEO cards?
Do i have great news for you! is a place to list, buy and chat about One of A Kind Art, and they have a cool little FREE space for all ACEO lovers!

All features are free, except media files, which has a fee of $5 per file

*Can you use paypal?
YES, integrated with PayPal

*Can you do relistings?
Yup, you can relist 10 times.

*What's the duration of a listing?
From 1 to 45 days!

*What about adding pictures?
You can upload max 3 free pictures / 500KB each

Other details:

- Free store option
- Ask seller a question feature
- Suggest a category feature
- Great META tags, we already show up in some search engines even the site was opened just recently
- Feedback comes from each purchase, even if the same buyer wins several auctions.

Oh - one thing is important everyone to know...

No troublemakers allowed! That means 0 tolerance for anyone who abuses the site or
is rude to other members. Very friendly and artist oriented.

So, click _HERE_ to visit and join

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  1. Hi, it sounds good. Is it just for USA though?
    Good luck with it.


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