September 19, 2009

Elf boy on the run

Remember my WIP of a little elf? He's all done and ready to run. I named him Whitte Gaelach, which means White moon. The 5 day listing here HERE and I am very happy the way he turned out. He has the cutest little freckles but I'm not sure they show well in the pictures.
I wanted to make his story with a video, but knowing me, it will take me another 2 months to finish that the way I like it, and another one to edit the video... so, I will skip that for now LOL

The people from AMA are running a cool Halloween challenge but I didn't start on time so I will miss it. I will post the winner soon.
The winner of the past Classic Fairy tales challenge, was Sandra Arteaga with a beautiful Snow White. Congrats!


  1. He is SO cute! It is a shame the freckles didn't show up in the pic. I think it is the little details that hold all the magic. I LOVE his ears.

    Renee :)


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