November 17, 2009

Looks almost like a fairy infestation

This is what I have been finishing. I am very proud of myself actually! :oD
All those little dolls that were left behind have hair, outfits and wings... it would be so cool to have them in the backyard, in the bushes, popping up from corners... Only that I know some are naughty and it would be a big problem to catch them all lol

And also have been painting. See my WIPs I am not done with all the things I want to finish (or the paints I want to start!) But I am loving it...

I love going from periods with tons of texture, to times when I love soft grayish colors and no texture. Always find so exciting to go from acrylics to oils, then rediscover pastels....
I know, it's more marketable to stick to one thing, have one style.... but alas, I am not there yet... or maybe I am not that kind of artist. Who knows, as long as I find pleasure in it, I guess I am fine :oD


  1. Your work is outstanding no matter which medium you choose to work in. Those dolls are so darling and your wip's are looking great already. I'm a Frida kind of gal and I love to see these kinds of works. Thanks for sharing, have a great Wednesday.

  2. Your family of little elfes is so cute.
    Really lovely how all of them have their own personality


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