December 29, 2009

Networks, reworks, resolutions...

There are tons of online Networks, and tons of online Media Marketing.
I am just now learning about RSS feeds.
I know... some people live on it, but I go slow and by small drops.... and still manage to spread thin, LOL
For those of us that like creating things, selling our craft and/or meeting like-minded friends on the internet, life can get very tricky!
Some time ago in a workshop they said that in order to create and sell, you have to spend 75% of your time advertising and 25% creating. Huh? Well...
Maybe my percentages have been more like 10%/90% at times... then reversed to 98%/2% in the past few months :oP

Some serious organizing will have to be done to stay in the "create" side and not only live in the "online" part of this equation.
I have limited my online activities to what I consider the most bang for my effort (yeah, I go for free when I can, so "buck" doesn't apply here) lol
Had to leave many groups, websites and networks for that reason. And I have not joined another bunch that I have been invited to, for that same reason.
Oh, and just when you think you know the game... all the websites "update" and "upgrade" and "upmess" their format!! agh!!

With that in mind, my new years resolutions should be something like:
Ahem ahem...
-Reorganize my menu in the blog.
-Plan my schedule of my on/off line activities.
-List on regular basis so the networking makes sense! lol
-Clean the kitchen... Meh! scratch that.
How did THAT get in my list??
That's probably my subconscious, always so conscientious :oP

Well nevertheless.
Something else I want to include in my plan is:
-Make more tutorials, tips and videos.
Oh, and the typical "I will start my diet" resolution. What would be a new year without one of those! Well, actually, I am serious on it. I will not eat chocolate until February 14th. It's going to be hard, but thank goodness for cake!! (Did I say that??)

Now, for the visual part of this posting:
This is a sold ACEO art card. It was painted, frowned at, and reworked long time ago. The reason I want to share this, is to inspire at least one person to go dig on your frowned at art, and revive it with new colors, elements or perhaps new techniques learned recently. It is so satisfying!

I am SOOOO thrilled to see I *almost* have 100 followers!!! To think I started the last 4 years with only 3 readers, and one of them was my cat!! (well, he was only here for the pictures)

How many Networks are out there, I wondered? so I went to see and bumped on a list of more than 200... WOW! I'm sure many are in different languages.
I know a few of them, but never heard of most of them... how about you?
Click on the pic to see better.


  1. 75/25...It's that art marketing thing that gets to me....It takes so many different skill too...we have to be photographers and bookkeepers as well as good story tellers, writers and webmasters...Hope you new schedule works for you...

  2. Julie, yes... we have to do all that and then some LoL
    And there are tons of different ways to do it! Confusing but exciting once you grab the right one.


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