January 29, 2010

Scruffie needs a name

A couple of weeks ago, my husband discovered an abandoned dog by his office. The poor dog was all dirty and scared. After some days however she got close enough to one of the ladies that works there because she brought her some food and water, so that's when they noticed it was a girl doggy, and she wasn't too old. But she was rather filthy and scruffie from sleeping under a car. It's been freezing over in that area.

Well, today we went to get her to take care of her, so she went to the vet, to a good wash, shots and a nice meal. She was not dark gray... she is actually white! LoL
Poor thing. Well, she is much better now. Seems like we are now proud owners of a little terrier dog.
Unfortunately, when I tried to introduce Panzon to her, he got in a hissy fit, scratched me and tore my blouse in one part :oC ouch!
I wish I had a camera nearby to tape his radical change from melted lazy bum into puffed up, hissing irritated bum :oB

I took him out where he has kept a healthy distance, but I hope they eventually will be friends. After all, they will share a backyard :o)

So.... now that she is clean and cute, she needs another name. Any ideas...?
Or should she remain "Scruffie"? LoL
UPDATE: Feb 13 Scruffie is due to have 5 puppies in less than 2 weeks... OMG!!

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  1. Scruffie is one lucky dog!!!

  2. Adorable pup. I hope peace returns to your household with a little time. You guys are so good to give her a home.

  3. Your furry white baby is so truly beautiful!
    And YOU and your husband are the BEST for adopting her.

    May you always bring each other J O Y every day you spend together.
    Bet she'll let you know her name after a little while!
    So happy for you all, truly.

  4. Hi Martha, how kind of you to take her in a your new family pet member. She looks like one of my family pet members named Chippy because chippy has an id chip in her shoulder. I think Scruffles is a good name. She looks a little unsure of what is going on, but before long she will be right at home and give you the unconditional love that they give. By the way, I've already entered the OWOH giveaway here. Stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. I'm number 796 on the list. Take care.

  5. Thank you oogle and Elizabeth... Constance, that was a sweet thing to say :o) (I love your name by the way)
    Gloria, I'm running to your blog now!

  6. I think she will always be a Scruffie to you, so why change it?

  7. Della, yeah... I think she's liking being called Scruffie LoL

  8. She's beautiful. You are truly special people to take her into your hearts and home. I don't have a name to suggest, I can never make up my mind on a name when we get an animal! I think too hard about them having to live with it all their life. It was agonizing when I had kids, almost worst than labor. haha

  9. She looks like a Conchita to me :) Can't say why. She just does.

  10. I am so happy for the newest member of your household. She is such a sweetie, as are you for adopting her. I like the suggestion from above Conchita or Bonita.

  11. She looks like a Scruffie--I think it's the perfect name.

    We have a dog that came into the house after a cat that's been in the family for years. The dog just wants to play and be the friends and the cat just wants to tease the dog, irritate her and then hiss at her when she gets too close :D They still live together, pretty happily, so I'm sure, one way or the other, it'll work out between them.

    Congrats on the new addition to the family!

    Lady Artisan

  12. What a beautiful dog and I bet a very happy dog. Scruffie fits her perfectly. Kudos to you and your husband for taking her in.......love that.!!

  13. Well thank you all! :oD Scruffie will be Scruffie, she likes it, wiggles the tale like crazy Xo)

  14. I believe that for some... dogs are angels in disquise... They are led to us for reasons that we may or may not understand. Bless you both for giving this little angel a home and the love she deserves. I have a feeling she will bring something very special into your life.

  15. Aww she looks like an absolute darling. May you have lots of wonderful moments together.

  16. Awww, how fabulous she found you and you found her. It´s just so beautiful you adopted her, she is one lucky dog!
    She will be most grateful for this wonderful turn in her life, every dog deserves a good and loving home and I think Scruffie pulled a Bingo meeting you. So nice to read stories like this one, that just made my day :*)

  17. Wow sounds like you were meant to be. Those puppies and Scruffie were so lucky to have you!


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