March 26, 2010

Boy, are we hungry!

These little beasties are leaving their poor momma all skinny, she was sick the other day, got me worried for a bit, now we are giving her two more servings and less puppy time, which leads to another problem.... messy puppies! hehehe
... and a lot of extra work right after they are done... clean 5 faces, wipe 20 paws, wash tiny dishes and of course the floor. uff!

But just look at them, aren't they cute?

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  1. They are darling all right. So sweet. I wonder how big they'll get? Have a great week.

  2. Gloria I think they will be about 16 or so inches tall. Give or take an inch :o)
    Nesca, come and have a pick! hehehehe

  3. Seriously... if you were closer I would come and take one, they are gorgeous ! oh, ... such a shame that i live so far... :(
    I hope they will find loving homes :)


  4. oh, its me again, i have just read the story about Scruffie and i couldnt help myself to say what a wonderful person you are to take her under your roof! And what a lucky girl Scruffie is to find you ! wow... and you are one big family now !
    All the best !
    And lots of loooooove!

  5. Nesca, those are such nice words! Thank you very much Xo)


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