May 18, 2010


I received an email from a friend with about 20 amazing paintings. I tried to find out the name on the artist in the signature but it was so tiny took me a long time to decipher. Well finally one of the slides had the name big enough for me to read, and I went to google to see check if I got it right. His name is Pantelis Zografos. He makes watercolors of Athens, Greece and they are beautiful!
I just learned he lives in North Carolina. Initially I thought the paintings were from some sunny Mexican spot, because of the colors and the tile roofs, but it is not.
Look at this and you tell me:


  1. Wow. So beautiful. I have never been able to paint landscape. I have trouble with the lay of the land. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this painting. I shared it on my facebook! I wish I was there right now. It is so peaceful.
    I found you through MMCA and I was already following you on Etsy.
    Check us out if you have time.
    I will follow your blog too.

  3. Gorgeous ... it makes me think of our gorgeous California scenery.

  4. Yes, Gloria, I love this painter!

    Charlotte, thank you!


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