June 29, 2010

Frida Kahlo Doll challenge

Do I have fun news! I am running the ADO mini monthly challenge of July from the 1st till the 31st, and my theme is Frida Kahlo! You don't have to be part of ADO to participate, just make a Frida doll -any size, any style or materials- and post her in your blog! Send me a link and I will post them all here, and we can have them in the ADO blog as well.

Pretty Banner made by Dorote from Lithuania

July is Frida's birth month, and she is a great source of inspiration for women, people dealing with chronic pain, artists that like Folk, or Latin styles, and more than anything, she inspires to keep going even if life goes weird on you.

Yes, she has a lot of drippy red paintings, sometimes uses gross details, I do not agree with her political views :oP her life was very hard most of the time... but her intricate self portraits, the smaller size format she preferred, and the subject of her art, so local and unusual for the time, is what made her popular and famous.

It is always interesting to me, to see that the artists are the reflection of their time, country, era... not only of their own self and their own individual needs/ideas, but of their whole generation.

I can't wait to see what dolls you all can come up with! :oD

And while I'm at it, why don't we make some paintings as well?


  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun!! Can we do a painting or drawing in place of a doll or is the challenge strictly dolls?

  2. for ADO it has to be a doll, but to be in my blog, you can do a painting and give me the link here.

  3. I am really excited over this one! I can't wait to see what everyone does!


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