July 23, 2010

Blog award :o)

Thank you so very much to Jane Campbell for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! She has a beautiful blog, I very much enjoy visiting :o)
The rules are that I am to disclose 7 things about me and pass the award along to other bloggers.
So, based on that, lets see if I can disclose seven things without getting naughty or bore you too much hahaha

 Lets see...
1. Pride and Prejudice is my ultra favorite movie. I have seen every variation on the theme but the one I like best is with Mathew M. (I know, that's not news, but did you know I have watched it about 800 times by now?)

2. Taking naps makes me cranky. No one needs me cranky, so no naps for me. I decided that long time ago, at the ripe old age of 6, after they left me sleeping the whole day, then it was night time and time to go to sleep. What a rip off!  :oP

3. I can write with both hands. Well for that matter, I can make a BIG mess with both hands!

4. One of my favorite things is reading about life in the 1800's Sometimes I think I would love to visit that era to see the architecture, the gowns, the ample spaces with no traffic... but then I think of all the other very real negatives (like no clothes washer, no phone, no dental floss..) and then I feel thankful of living in this era. Although in some aspects I don't really know which one is really worse.

5. Every day I pray for peace in our world. If I could have ONE wish come true, it would be that all people shall be honest and respectful to others. That would be so much nicer and definitely peaceful.

6. I HATE onions.... and the onions hate me back. I don't even cry when I cut them muaHaHaHa

7. I am Team Edward!. I never really cared about the book or the movies... anything related, until this past movie. Oh my gosh, Edward is a very close call to Mr Darcy. hmmmmm, well, not that close.
;o) OK before my DH gets mad, I will say he's the number one (and he knows it) hehehehe

And now, following procedures, I will pass this award to some super duper blogs:








 I know, some people hate awards, other people love them. Please don't feel like you have to do it if you don't like it, just get the good feeling and let's keep going :o)
Hugs to all!


  1. Hey Martha!! I really liked reading the 7 things about you (I like the 1800's as well) and I accept my award! LOL! Give me a day or two to do it!
    Take Care, Stacy

  2. Congratulations my dear ansd thank you!!!
    It is so funny what you wrote.
    And so nice to learn more about you.
    Thanks for sharing the good feeling

  3. I love to read little snippets of peoples lives, so I find this very interesting to see what you've posted for you 7 things about you. I haven't done my yet. Yours are great. No wonder I like you! :)

  4. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    Wow. Thank you for this award and yes, I did get the good feeling it was meant to convey.
    I am curious, do you also paint with both hands? Your work is amazing.
    X David, NYC

  5. Well, sometimes it looks like I do! hahah!
    I guess I could paint, but it would look more like a Picasso. I can certainly paint the wall left-handed with a roll hehehe.
    In fact, I can only open the door with the left, for some reason it is weird to try with the right...?
    Both my kids are left handed :o) It is really cute to see the mouse in the other side of the monitor Xo)... which I can't use with my left hand :oP


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