March 12, 2012

Music and useful links

I love music! Sometimes I find one song that captures my attention for weeks and this is one of them:

While you listen to Kimbra, I also wanted to talk about what seems to be a constant interest in creative people: The copyrights and the expiration dates. On art, not on milk :oP
If you like to use vintage ephemera, or reproduce the old masters, you will be happy to read than anything made before January 1923 is public domain (unless a legal right is still being updated and kept current), but basically you are free to use the image.
In the case of the challenge I'm currently working on, Modigliani, his work is borderline that time. That means you won't be braking any law if you paint and sell your work even if you made it so close to the original that is hard to tell which is which ;o)
I am far from that case hehehe but nevertheless being the year of creation 1917 or so... I could list it with no problem. Read more about it :
Also here:
And a bit more HERE about the use of the copyright sign.

I am mentioning it, because of some comments discussed previously and that link was not quite explanatory. These are a bit more clear.

There are some artist that do not like the copyright, and feel ok to have their work used or copied by others. (Just saw a video in youtube about it)
It has happened to me 3 times through the years and I did not like it. First I felt puzzled, then I felt cranky. They didn't even take the time to copy the painting by painting it but simply took the image and used it with no credit. (Well, one gave semi-credit but never asked to use it; it was an accident I bumped into it)

That's it for now. I am listing in my Etsy shop today so I better get to it!
I will be back with more art tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by ♥

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  1. I really like that video! Very interesting about copyright!


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