March 25, 2014

Networks semi rant

Last time I posted about networks, there were over 200 sites that offer contacts, advertisment, fun and news, all rolled into one. Or more like 2 hundred :oP
Some are better established than others, some are really addictive at least for a while, and some are spammy.
I want to talk about LinkdIn, which I do not belong to, and do not want to either.
My DH was invited by a friend a couple of years ago, and he added a few former co-workers and contacts but more than anything, he got invitations to more places, more contacts and general spam.

Just by seeing what he went through I decided I didn't want to be there.... but then something funky happened... I started to get several invitations from them too! Still get at least one every couple of weeks! From their site, and from friends that I'm sure did not intend to send me invitations and from complete strangers. Huh?
Plus I have seen that other people I know are annoyed by that spam. Many if not all people I know that joined, have regretted it, and have left, just to keep getting spam, invitations and more spam. Be careful if you think of join.
However, there has to be people that find it convenient or useful. Same for "grouply"  for their coupons, but I never liked it either.

I personally just yesterday decided to make a filter in my email to direct those emails go to the trash folder.
Anything that sends useless constant daily junk, is not my cup of tea.

Which reminds me.... I am not too happy with my email either; it filters ok, but they have changed the format 3 times just this year!
I have tried  many free and paid emails, and I guess I am too picky if I spend too much time on something, so I let it go. The provider email doesn't work for me, because we have changed too many times of providers and cities, so it is best for us one that we can access anywhere, separate from provider. But then they started to get creative and greedy and messed up what I liked. I know I am not alone because when you look for help online, there are pages and pages of people complaining. :oP
But that's another topic.

Do you have a favorite network? or one that you hate? ;o)

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  1. It's funny you are talking about this Martha, because I have been getting invitations from LinkdIn too! I actually joined, to see what it was all about, and then quickly unjoined! LOL! I don't need that, and I am glad I did, after what you said! I like Etsy and Blogger, that's it for me, right now ;o)

  2. I agree with Stacy! I have had a lot of invitations from people who I know and had "tried" Linkdin. I wonder how they get the email addresses from the people who try their service? I have lots of gripes about Google right now with their Google+, Google Circle. It is sad when I want to leave a comment on someone else's blog and I can't since I am not in the "Circle", and I AM a Google user and Google blogger....

    On a happier note, I have just opened my Etsy store and a Facebook for Rasz Art and a website that I will be building soon. That's definitely enough for me!

    1. No clue.... maybe they have a way to see your email contacts?
      Oh..... don't start me on the google plusssss hahahah I have rants about it in my blog! gggrrr

  3. Same here. Joined LinkedIn a while ago, never did much with it and only just terminated my account. Have the same prob tho ...keep getting requests to link up with people I have no clue who they are and have no common interests either. I expect that if I close an account then that's it for our relationship. Apparently LinkedIn thinks otherwise. Very frustrating indeed.

    1. Yup, another one today... some model agency...? lol They changed their words and my filter didn't work, will have to update it


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