May 28, 2014

My old paintings need new homes.

Some artists destroy their old work, their rejects or what they no longer "feel", as we all change styles over time.That's fine for those that can do it.... I can't.

Even if I'm not that style anymore, it is something I felt, something that inspired me and made me grow, and something that one person somehow still can relate to.

I'm going to say good bye to some paintings to new homes. If you have read my blog before, you know I have been into every media, so there's a bit of everything. Some are framed too, ready to hang.
Please help me spread the message! If you think a friend of yours might like to see, share this post ♥ I ask for shipping costs -or frames- via paypal.

Here are the paintings, by medium.Click to see larger.  Post here or email me in private.

24x18 inches - Pastels, double matted and in clear bag: (Because of the risk of mailing pastels too far away, I rather have these shipped to US address only!)
1- Bird of paradise     2- Woman with baby by Calla lili.   3- Pottery 

16x20 Oils, framed: Make me an offer, plus shipping. Click to see large
 1-Woman with blue eyes. (not available anymore!)
2- Frida inspired woman  
 3-Woman in Purple (not available anymore!)

For Watercolors, matted and in clear bag and Framed Acrylics click HERE.
I made another post so the images load faster.

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  1. I'm sure these will be gone quickly. I'm at the point where all my walls are pretty full now...good idea putting them into the universe...good things will come out of it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Beautiful art Martha!!! I know they will for sure go to good homes ;o)


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