August 11, 2014

Just some words...

Don't take me wrong... I still have plenty of drama at home, and I am not immune to life's capricious unexpected turns.
I wrote this in a post in FB and people said this should be shared... so I am sharing it here too.  

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  1. That pretty well sums it up, Martha! I can relate to a whole lot of that myself. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Hello Ayala Art,
    What a wonderful post! What makes an artist nowadays has changed radically from what did. Messy lives are just tiring, and also don't leave much time for actually doing art.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. What a great "artist statement", very life-affirming, so much better and happier and useful than many of the pretentious artists statements we often see.

  4. I saw it on Facebook already. I love it! So well said. You really have a way with words ...

  5. Wow! I never read this before! What a GREAT bio. As for tortured lives, no you didn't miss anything. You probably got a better start than most in some ways. I'm setting up my new bio and struggling with it a little. Very nice to read such upbeat, fun, happy, positive, inspiring words! Big hugs to you, Rasz

  6. Beautiful bio...I started following you on YouTube because you are pretty awesome and your tutorials are fantastic.


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