January 5, 2015

1st post of the year!

Hello! I haven't talked to you since last year! ... emmm ok, bad joke. :oP
I started the year with a sore throat and tons of projects to finish. I'll be quick!
Kids are back in school, the cat is bored which means I have to open the door 15 times more than I care lol But all is well.

in my doll blog, the 2 winners (1 for FB, one from my blog) of my doll class giveaway are Robin Walsh, and Carol SilverSprings. Congrats!!
So exciting! I will be contacting them both, in case they don't contact me first ♥

Registration is open for it, and I will bring a link to this blog as well, with the rest of the classes I offer. Pic of her shoes:

I am currently editing the next class for Soul Food and it is very exciting!!! I will be posting teaser pics when I'm ready ;o)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Why haven't I seen your doll blog???? *goes searching* XXX

  2. Merry 2015!
    Hope the cat gets a hobby. :D
    And big, big congrats to Robin and Carol!

    Hope to see you (soon) for 21 Faces!

  3. I haven't talked to you since last year! LOL! Poor kitty being bored! Love the shoes! Hugs ;o) Happy New Year ;o)

  4. Sounds exciting! Looking forward to you Soul Food class! Happy creative year to you ♥


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