March 18, 2015

Green and birds

I have been busy with projects, and errands. Even going to the dentist is more enjoyable now that we have better weather although we had some too hot days the past week, reaching 33C/92F which for winter, even for this area, it's a bit much :oP

But anyway, yesterday I went to get some goodies at the art store and I took some green pictures, anything green that I found for St Patrick, bu then I forgot to come to the blog to post LOL Here is my collage a day late:

 I love the birdies! This with the crown is my favorite:

And also, I want to show you a picture of the sky last night, The whole light was intense  pink! it was a lot pinker but by the time I got the picture it was dissolving into sunset.

I hope you are having a beautiful week.

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