August 6, 2015

Updates on 29 faces, and Interview, and collabs!

I have fun news!
For the 29 faces challenge, (just coming around the corner in September!) I have planned some easy props for those that like inspiration, and also will have samples for those that have been asking what materials to use. I get asked those 2 things a lot, so lets see how it goes!
The samples will be in my Etsy shop but will be having a giveaway nest week as well, to present them properly, yaay!

Here is my  new collab video! Click the image to see it:
Don't forget to scribe if you haven't already, because I do not post here all my videos.

video collab

Lastly, I'd like for you to visit Danielle's blog where she graciously invited me for an interview and a giveaway! Cross your fingers and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. gorgeous background techniques! I loved your video (again!!) and love how you add in paper and fabric... I need to do more of this!!! I'm sure your background will be enhanced just as beautifully when it arrives at Letitia's!

  2. Beautiful work, happy PPF, Valerie

  3. I am happy to hear that the 29 faces challenge will start again.. I missed it !
    Off to watch the video and Danielle's Blog!
    Happy PPF!

  4. Oh cool a video off to watch..
    Happy PPF
    Sandy :)

  5. ¡BellĂ­simo! I loved watching your intuitive thinking process as you worked on the canvas. Happy PPF and blessings, amiga!

  6. Great video. I love how you made this and look forward to seeing what Letitia does with your "start".

  7. The background video was very interesting. Collaborations are always tons of fun. :)

    Can't wait for 29 Faces again!

  8. Enjoyed the video and techniques. Thanks for sharing. You always do awesome work.

  9. Nice video, fun collaboration ~ thanks for sharing!

  10. Fantastic background and I love watching your videos ♥ Can't wait to see what the next person does with this :)

  11. Wonderful video!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Oooh, interesting. Looking forward to what happens with that canvas. And 29 Faces, yay! Not that I've ever managed a full 29, but hey, any faces is good :D

    Best wishes,


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