March 3, 2016

Art supply haul!

Come see the eye candy! It is always a happy day when we have new art supplies! :oD

Click image to watch, or Link here:

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  1. I went art shopping too! I got an easel! I want those plastic knives! I hope Michaels has some!!

  2. Your site is fantastic and overwhelming. I do not know where to begin to follow you but loved the 29 faces and look forward to learning more.

    1. I don't want to be overwhelming! or is it good? tell me more, is it visually overwhelming or hard to navigate? To follow this blog see the side bar and there is the "join this site" you see the feed in your own blog's Reading List.
      Or sign up for my news letter and you will get my posts once a week.
      Thanks for visiting!


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